Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/04/17: Strawberry Whip Creamed Surprise

Marlena’s Apartment Hattie and Angelica are discussing things when there’s a knock on the door after some looks and some assurance head shaking Angelica ran into the bedroom Hattie Answered


“Hello Marlena” he said sitting down “Hattie looked at Marlena’s appointment book”

“Robert, you look well how things are today”

“Great just great project pawn is coming along nicely Fiancée Blanca and I are having a Boy ,she’s letting name him and he’s going to grow up and marry Holly it’s all coming along great ”

“Guess what I’m going to name him come on guess” Hattie paused for one second and that’s all Robert needed

This Week In Salem

John and Paul returned to Salem John thinks that Victor is innocent because of Sonny being put in harm’s way, Paul thinks that Victor may be risking it all on the halo and knows did it knowing sonny would be exonerated

John or Paul which theory makes more sense ? “Hattie’s cell went off “excuse me”

Hattie drugged Marlena’s strawberries and whipped cream dish and took her place sending her off to be committed in a psych ward somewhere?

Who will be the first to notice a different Marlena?

“Is it shady hills? Will Marlena run into Ben?

Will john be able to figure this out knowing he can’t use Stefano as a He’s responsible starting point ?”

“Kayla was reinstated as a doctor just in time to help Niece Abigail?”

“Is Kayla the only doctor in the hospital shouldn’t she be forbidden to help family?

“Like Brady’s care about things like ethics and rules”

Nicole told Maggie about forgiving Eric  Brady’s jealousy of Eric is starting to fester he thinks they are cheating on him.

Is Brady over reacting?

“Nicole’s history? Well most of the time her “history” was to obtain him, he should at least give her the benefit of the doubt instead of following her around?

“News of Abigail was all over Commissioner Hero Raines had to remind Hope and Rafe that the best thing they could do for Abigail was their DUTY especially since she was one of their own aka working for the department

“Don’t you just love Raines, he’s awesome!”

Justin heard Adriane say she loves Lucas?  How is this going to play out with a phony Andrianne soon to be running around?

And how come nobody in Salem before now noticed that Bonnie Lockhart and Adrianne Johnson Kirakis Are TWINS Bonnie was with Mickey Patrick and Jennifer were “friends for a bit”  and Mimi was constantly around belle and Shawn Certainly there are photos of Bonnie somewhere in the Horton Households.

Chad was told of his incriminating photo and why Andre had Theo get rid of it   Chad broke down in Andre’s arms  they shared a hug
Did that Hug feel weird ?
I thought it was awesome Andre’s transition is complete.
Gabi told chad  that Abigail only married Dario for his green card status Gabi heard Chad tell Abigail he loved her so they are pretty much done.

What or whose next for Gabi? Eli or Supercop?

After being updated on Tripp’s progress Tripp wanted to give up  Angelo encouraged him not to give up by  offering  him  a Gun that can’t be traced.

Tripp said he would do it HIS way rejecting the gun

Good for him.

Would you like to see the Marconi’s running around Salem again?

Only if it’s to see Andre and chad chasing them out

Chad vowed not to leave Abigail’s side ever again

Andre told Gabi, Chad may have killed damos

Does it really matter who killed damos when it was the Halo that caused it not the actual person?  ”
“doesn’t knowing that  “it was the halo”  aka the killer won’t spend a single night in prison makes it all pointless ”

Tripp Attacked Kayla with a knife so small it could not hurt her on daytime tv

Did that seem silly to anyone else ?

How will Steve get Tripp out of this and will they all be buddies by the end of next week?

Abigail opened her eyes? Will she have a serious injury? Will she have amnesia of some kind?

Are you happy that Chad and Abigails unification is Weeks away if not less ?


“That’s about it”

“Ill see you next week then this was very informative Robert”

“Thanks Hattie, best wishes on your plan Roman’s safety word is “kosicheck LOL” Robert said walking out on a stunned Hattie

“Wait till Andre hears about this: Robert laughed to himself while heading for his car

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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