Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-20-18:

You want me to what now

Show up at the wedding bandaged up like John was before everyone thought he was you

You mean everyone except you

(Bob snickered) yes

i don’t know about this

Come on Roman it will be great

I’ll think about it


This Week in Salem

Kayla comforted Abigail comparing her Ava and Tripp to Stefan and Abigail’s baby

Was this a fair assessment?

Kate saw Andre but it was a dream not a visitation because Andre told her what she wanted to hear and nothing the real Andre would ever say

Where you happy to see Andre again?

Abigail saw Chad and Gabi together feeling jealous and Hurt at the same time she told Chad she would wait for him to come around.

How long will Chad take to get his act together?


Sonny finally told Paul what was going on Paul was angry for being kept out of the loop but agreed to help anyway

Poor Paul

Eve asked Brady to forgive Victor hoping that it would soften any blows should he find out she was also involved

How will Brady handle all the revelations?

Eric Insisted he was over Nicole


“I think he is” Blanca said as she walked in

Hello Blanca

Roman nice to see you again

Hey Roman look at my wife like that again and I’ll turn you back into Chris Kosecheck don’t think i wont

What in the hell are you talking about

ROTFLMAO sorry i just can’t help doing that

Gabi continued to wedge herself in between Chad and Abigail

“HARLOT “commented Blanca

Blanca remember when mami Hernandez had you “distract” Rafe away from Hope

Ill makes some coffee

Thanks …love you. Where we were Right Gabi how far is she willing to take her revenge

All the way i hope cant back out now

Stefan wanted some more Abigail baby updates warning Kayla that he could turn off Steve’s sight at any time

“Stefan is a pig” said Blanca coming back with coffee” if i were Abigail id cut off his ……” :Bob cut her off

I’m not disagreeing with you Blanca but he eventually will deserve an attempt at a second chance then he can start terrorizing people in a proper manor

Steve caught Kayla hiding something from him in her desk

Uh oh

How will this play into his exit story

Mayor Abe caught COMMISSIONER HOPE and Detective Hernandez acting like teenagers behind the bleachers in the school gym  and of course Did Nothing but look the other way because he’s as corrupt as they are ..Shouldn’t he be up for reelection by now?

Abe use to be a straight shooter it’s sad

Claire told Marlena i think it was that with Ciara focused on Ben she can have Tripp

Speaking of second chances let’s talk about that for a moment

Ben is on some sort of redemption story they claim that as long as he stays medicated he won’t hurt anyone ,is it fair he’s walking around free to do whatever ?? And if he can be forgiven shouldn’t Stefan. I’m not saying automatically I’m saying eventually. He has to prove it and earn it but if you can do one shouldn’t the other be at least tried at some point he needs to be hated in a good way not the way he is now.

Maybe someday i remain hopeful

Speaking of Chad Billy Flynn has apparently left the show he’s got 6 months left give or takes

Are you shocked by this news do you think it had anything to do with him having to work with Kate Mansi again there were rumors they couldn’t stand one another.

I doubt that they may have just been rumors and Kate’s not staying long term doesn’t seem like he would leave over that?

What are your thoughts on Chad’s departure?

I want to be dancing for joy but i think they will recast him again …maybe Casey Deidrick can return Chad had such promise back then..If only Billy’s Chad remembered how much Casey’s chad  hated Gabi

SMH phony Flashbacks

John and Marlena are upset that Sami said no to their wedding

Upset or surprised??? What else did they expect

This is interesting in an attempt to swoo Tripp away from Ciara Claire voted Ben into the Soras house

Sure why not
Ben/ Ciara or Claire/ Tripp which one is the better couple ?

Steve found Bonnie lockhart in chicago and brought her home

remember that time you tried to escape Stefano’s island Roman and it was foiled by some teenager

that was you

No LOL but seriously im not against tracking down fugitives but  why now of all times are they bringing back Bonnie lockhart  could it have something to do with Steve’s exit story ?

Didnt Bonnie  rape lucas????  we’ll put her on the list

the votes were casted Ben was voted into the house Hope walked in and heard the whole thing

ROTLFMAO  looking forward to her nervous breakdown

they should change the locks though if the two guys and two girls are going to become real couples

will this Break Hope’s sanity

Hopefully lol

Will and sonny went to Kate for money and ran into ted


Kate demanded Ted chose money or her, Ted chose money

ohhh that’s go to hurt

She pulled a gun on him will she murder Ted like she did Vivian?

will kate ever pay for that ?

Nope, it’s too bad you couldn’t make an honest woman out of her roman

yes it is

Oh roman despite Sami telling john and Marlena she wouldn’t come to the wedding be on the lookout my sources say she will show up

Kristen too Blanca Snapped.

let’s just wait and see on that  okay

that’s about it

We’ll i have to get back to the pub

How are Caroline and Kimberly, Roman

Same as before taking it one day at a time

Give them my best

i will thanks Bob I’ll think about this bandaged thing

You’re a good sport Roman

Roman went back to the pub Bob and Blanca went to bob’s appointment with Marlena

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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