Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-05-18: Why not both eyes

Bob and Blanca are waiting in Marlena’s lobby Bob’s phone rings.  “HI !!’ll be here for the Wedding then THAT’S FANTASTIC !! but i can’t talk now Bye

“Who was that?” demanded Blanca


“Oh now you better tell me”

After diner when John and Marlena are gone

You do know that before we married Nicole gave me a list of names of people i should keep you away from!

I remember

So who is it

Come on in Guys

Marlena what perfect timing Bob hurried inside followed by a frustrated Blanca


This Week in Salem

Hope told Rafe she let her emotions get the better of her while Eve was delivering Justice on Ben

Just like she. Snapped she’s a disgrace to law enforcement NEXT

Ben told Ciara he started looking for a job

Ill hire him Marlena

You will

Yes to kill HOPE


ANYWAY right after that Claire Smacked him over the head with a frying pan even Ciara chuckled over it while tending to his wounds

ROTLFMAO aw come on that’s funny

Ciara called Hope and Rafe dragged him away and told him stay away from Ciara Blah blah blah


Okay seriously Marlena what are we supposed to do about Ben ?

What do you mean?

He’s supposed to be better as long as he takes his pills right


Well does Salem put the mark of Cain on him  or what ?

Time will tell on that Bob I’m not sure

What are your thoughts on Ben’s running around free?

Just for the record Victor killed more people than Ben and most everyone loves him

Victor told Jennifer he planted the drugs and there was nothing she could do about it especially since the man who planted them was long gone.

Was the glimpse of the old victor?
Eve told Jennifer why Nicole left town   and what could happen to her and Eric if he were to find out
do you think Jennifer is a bit worried?

Hard to tell with Jennifer sometimes not being scared is careless Anyway Eve told Jennifer if she blabs to Brady about this she will tell Eric why Nicole really left town

Stop that Bob said snapping at a smirking Blanca

What did i miss? Asked Marlena

I can’t help it i just get happy every time I’m reminded she’s gone went Blanca

For some Reason Adriane wants Steve to find bonnie Lockhart?

Why would Adriane want to find Bonnie Lockhart?

Maybe she’s bored with Justin and wants to do a wife swap reality TV show?

Somehow i doubt that

Brady talked to Tate on the phone

Must have been sad

Will Brady be visiting him anytime soon?

How’s Kimberly Marlena

She’s day to day Bob

Give her my best please

Stefan went to Brady and eve to celebrate their partnership and let it out he was going to be a daddy to Abigail’s baby

Sigh such a letdown what can they do to redeem Stefan’s character and when i say redeem i mean hate him in a good healthy way instead of the way he’s hated now

Jj and  Gabi  got each other up to speed on everything Abigail Stefan and baby

Will JJ get Gabi off the revenge express?

I hope not, not yet anyway the actress Camilla is really brining it these days !!

I think that after the wedding i will offer her my help

Abigail told Jennifer that the baby was Stefan’s they are dealing with it together

This is all getting ready to explode should be massive fun

Stefan told Steve about Abigail and his baby He is lucky Steve didn’t kill him

See Marlena Stefan’s a total Amateur he really needs some Dimera 101

Bob please don’t do that

i told him i wouldn’t help him

Gabi in her own amateur move looking for a partner told Kate everything

SMH IDIOT GABI surprisingly though she was able to convince Kate not to rat her out and to help her get Stefan

I’m shocked but it was still stupid on Gabi’s part

Will Kate be an asset or liability to Gabi

Liability I’m sure

we still don’t know why Lawyer Ted is doing this to sonny and will if he’s working for Leo or Paul or still unknown

What will come out of the Ted twist ?

HE’S EJ just doesn’t know it yet

Stop that

The operation was a success Steve got his sight back. So why not both eyes????

that’s a great question why not both eyes ?

Jennifer told Brady about the Victor goon planting the drugs

Are you surprised Brady didn’t think Victor right away ?

Eric told Marlena he and Brady Made Peace

How long will that peace last


When Victor confronted Brady Victor didn’t back down what we don’t know is Victors temperament he could stick to his guns or just get tired of the whole affair and throw Eve under the bus ?

Will Eve get thrown under the bus?

If she does she can say hi to Aiden?



That’s about it

Monday should be awesome

The session ended john arrived they all went out to dinner

During Diner Blanca got a hold of Bob’s phone and saw the name “Kristen ”

Knowing that name from Nicole’s list she didn’t know if she should tell Marlena right away or Murder Bob on the spot

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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