Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-05-18: feel baby or not feel baby

It was not a fun week for Bob, Blanca spent half the week mad at him which led to some yelling and the other half ignoring him outright it was hard to determine which was worse

Marlena sensed the hostility immediately

So there’s obviously a problem here what happened

“Tell her” Blanca demanded

“Stefano called me he’s going to crash your wedding” Blanca started cursing in Spanish”

  This week in Salem

Ted explained to Sonny and Will how he knows they killed Leo

How is sonny and will going to handle this?

Victor continued to cover for Eve on how/why they lost tate  simply because there wasnt a need to have Brady hate both of them

Will this noble move backfire on Victor?

I doubt it

Jennifer told Kayla about Brady forcing Nicole to leave town Kayla shared her hiding something from Steve

Which secret will blow up first?

Marlena hypnotized Ben and after discovering he didn’t set the fire agreed to be his therapist

Whoa whoa whoa WHAT

I agreed to be his therapist he needs help i couldn’t walk away

i don’t care about that

So what’s the matter

Marlena There is no way Ben can afford your weekly rates even if he had insurance

That’s not your concern bob

Like hell it isn’t over the last three decades you’ve charged me almost 20 thousand dollars

Didn’t you tell me that Stefano reimbursed you for the first few decades

Oh you remembered that huh


Moving on

To boost Claire’s spirits John asked Claire to sing at the wedding

Cool she’s got a great voice

Are you looking forward to hearing Claire Sing?

Gabi did what she had to do to neutralize Kate on her Righteous quest for Revenge

I’m shocked by this

Me too trusting Kate is just stupid

Will Kate spill the beans before it goes too far

Abigail told Chad the baby was part of her so she wouldn’t abort it

Do you agree with Abigail’s decision?

I’m staying far away from that one

lani told Eli they were a mistake but their baby wasn’t

Are these two going to get moving or what?

Hope wants Marlena’s help in getting rid of Ben Marlena refused Hope lost it when she was told Ben didn’t start the fire

Good for you Marlena i think ???

Ben interrupted Tripp and Ciara’s night to tell her he didn’t start the fire

if he didn’t who did


Stop that

Marlena offered Chad some advice he went back to Abigail to see Stefan feeling the baby kicking naturally that set him off

Can’t blame him there i was upset when most males  tried to feel Blanca’s belly when she was pregnant It’s too bad EJ didn’t get Abigail pregnant that  would have been so funny unlike now where it’s just  infuriating

Anyway when Stefan told Chad he had permission He lost it and moved out and went straight to Gabi


Stefan wants updates from Kayla about Kate nothing new there

Steve Knows Kayla is hiding something from him

uh oh

What will Steve do to find out what’s going on ?

Ciara told Ben she would stick up for him with Hope

Sonny told Chad that he was screwing up with Abigail/moving out would not improve things

Gabi tried again with Ari this time it worked Mommy and daughter are reunited Sonny told Ari to stay the night

Are you happy about Ari coming around

Not if it gets in the way of her Revenge no

Will Ari make Gabi rethink what’s happening?

Chad came home all upset Gabi told him “you have me”



Now Blanca that’s not nice Chad and Gabi have years and years of made up flashbacks to reflect on

Is it possible Chad remembers Melanie and snaps out of Gabi’s trap?

NOPE he’s too much of an idiot for that

Hope told Rafe to come home to her house


John saw Marlena in her wedding Dress


Relax Bob I’m sure it will be fine

sigh Marlena what Blanca wanted me to tell you earlier is ..It’s possible Kristen may show up at your wedding

you’re sure about this


Oh Dear

Remember to tell John anything that happens is his fault

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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