Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/28/17: “I Forgive You”

Nicole entered Rob’s office wanting to follow up on last week’s events,  she decided on tactics that would backfire on her with everyone else but work on him because he was.. Him

Hey Nicole love that dress, wait, are you okay? You have that look” Nicole approached him slowly  “wait No Nicole That’s Not Fair you know i can’t tell you where Holly is…Wait im um   I’m
Engaged her name is Brandy,  no that’s not ..Beatrice, no wait its BLANCA ITS BLANCA ….HELP ME! M TO WEAK TO RESIST..”  playtime over and not trusting herself or Robert in this state she decided not to risk it further  just kissed him on the cheek with a  follow up hug” “thank you so much for arranging that”

“You’re welcome. Please don’t make me reveal her location … you know you can’t go near her”

“i wont”

“Congratulations on Forgiving Eric BTW”

This Week In Salem

John and Paul weren’t Sure if they Believed Zander and his Theory about Victor orchestrating his role in Damos’s murder Zander refused to talk without an immunity deal

Do you believe Zanders version of events?

“it’s more than probable”

Victor wanted to confess to help Sonny But Nicole and Brady reminded him that it would just make things worse for Sonny

Victor has had decades to confess to so many things does his willingness to confess now back up Zanders comments?

Hattie enlisted Bonnie lockhart in Anjelica’s scheme

Are you happy to see Bonnie lockhart and where was Bonnie during Hope an Hatties prison story”

Right!! She would have been a big help if she and Hattie were so buddy buddy ?

Maggie showed Nicole pics of Holly from her visit

How long until Nicole does something to jeopardize her custody claim, will the new writers continue down the same roads as the older ones did?

Nicole Found Eric’s Letters read them/one of them and FORGAVE ERIC!!


Will this lead to Ericole ?

NO i love Brady

Brady’s already jealous

Well he needn’t be

Jennifer accused Brady of using her to get in the middle of him and Nicole or her and Eric it’s weird

Could you see Jennifer and Brady as a couple ? If they continue down this road ?

Abe Hates that Theo is working for the Dimeras and went past parental extremes to stop it, but thanks to Valerie clearer heads prevailed

Was Abe justified ? Were parental lines crossed ?

Gabi found Abigial’s ring a huge fight ensued Chad they made up later sort of

Do you see the writing on the wall for this couple?

Abigail was going to leave with Dario to protect Chad but told him she would never love him and eventually his leverage would be gone Dario was sure she would love him by that time.

Whose more delusional Abigail for wanting to go or Dario for thinking this would work ?

Jade is texting Tripp seeking info on his progress Tripps plans continue to go south as Kayla believes that nurse Shelle was innocent of framing her

Joey’s new found guilt is about to make him Crack,  Steve head Tripp badmouthing Kayla

Looks like this is almost over are you happy with the way the new writers have continued all this? How about with the others.

Honestly Nicole other than you forgiving Eric i don’t see that much of a difference. But Hope is still on the horizon

Abe and Andre argued about Theo’s job and laptop Andre agreeing to let Theo go if they get the laptop and remove everything dimera that was put on it

Abe sort of Agreed but it didn’t matter and Chad put his foot down and Theo will remain with the company ..For now Abe apologized saying he trusted Theo

What do you see happening next

Theo’s a genius i wonder if i could borrow him

Chad tried one last time to stop Abigail from leaving him and Thomas. But found himself in the path of a speeding car

Will the car hit Chad? Will it stop in time?

I’m sure everyone will be fine “Hey Nicole Remember that time i “accidentally” Hit john with my car and was so consumed with Guilt i brought him to Stefano to fix him after he died

“How could i forget come on let’s eat I’m Hungry”

“One second Nicole i sorta did another bad thing”

What? Blanca entered the room

Nicole did Robert tell you?

He was just about to



Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann





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