Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/26/17: Just sit right back and hear a tale pt 1

Robert and Fiancée Blanca went to visit Brady, john and Marlena in the hospital

“How’s he doing?”

“Thank you both for coming” went Marlena

“I’m afraid it doesn’t look good”

“Not to worry john if he doesn’t make it i got just the thing” Rob held up a bag with a needle filled with green fluid inside it”

Ciara, mad at Wyatt and Theo has had enough she decided that she needed to go to all the way to brother Shawn and Belle in Hong Kong

Does Ciara speak mandarin or Cantonese? And why did Shawn Forgive Belles cheating AGAIN

“Is this the last we see of Ciara would you accept a recast sometime in the near future?

Damos decided to let the amulet Chad thing go so he could focus on meeting Zanders new set of demands pertaining to his plan to “rescue “Nicole from Zander

Navy Seal Ninja Eric convinced Nicole to work with him on escaping while doing so Nicole stumbled on he was the mastermind behind all this plans”

“Don’t you just love it when Bad guys leave things lying around for the good guys to find them?”

Eric and Nicole were making their way out where making their way out when they ran into Damos

supercop and co showed up to save the day Damos told everyone this wasn’t over. But it may be because that Damos goon they caught was found dead?

“How will they be able to convict Damos without the goon?

Nicole is going back to Salem risking everything to see Brady because he did it for her

Sigh She mustn’t ” Blanca shot at Rob” i mean yeah sure have her face the music and get all this over with “:

Kayla told joey that Jade interfered in his post date with Alyssa,joey wanted to let it go because he wasn’t that into Alyssa ?

Is joey Blind? Is he Gay ? Is he still in love with jade it doesn’t sound like he is as he yelled at jade who is getting more and more sad and desperate every day

Tripp wants to trap Kayla into a he killed Ava confession

Will he find out the truth will Jade screw that up again too? Will this end Before July? Will trip be the first one the new writer gets rid of?

Paul is worried about Sonny’s sudden lust for power. Is it Sonny’s new hairdo that’s altered his personality because it’s very off putting? Do you like the new Sonny?

Claire convinced Theo to say goodby to Ciara, with Ciara gone can Theo and Claire have a real future ? If not which one will move on first ?

The return from Greece plane crashed Gabi blamed it on Chad’s amulet telling the group that’s why they crashed?will they come to see Gabi is Nuts or will they all believe in the curse now too ?

Chad lied about getting rid of said amulet?

They are on an island between Greece and the US? In 2017 how is this uninhabited? No cell phone service? Or Wi-Fi  ? Did they travel backwards in time? Who’s going to do what job as they will run out of food and water by early next week? Will the sleeping arrangement’s change and who should end up with who by the time they are rescued? If they are rescued?”

“i think you should go and get them ?

“Me why would i want to do that ?”

To keep you away from Nicole when she gets back to Salem ?

“Seriously Blanca do you know how much that ring costs me if i wasn’t serious about you i wouldn’t have spent so much money?

Blanca didnt know how to respond to that

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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