Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/21/17: 75 for a quarter

Rob,Nicole,Brady,Tate  and Blanca were enjoying the mountain air all deciding to take a break from Salem Robert was looking into a telescope

SON OF A, NOT THIS TIME Rob went running off

WHERE ARE YOU GOING shouted Blanca Brady watched him run down the hill with the telescope

“Is that OJ SIMPSON ???  Brady asked Nicole while passing her the scope
This Week in Salem
Lani and Eli grow more and more civil towards each other how

How much longer is their will their wont they going to be?

Lani wants to be a good a cop as Abe was Abe was. already proud

Does Lani have what it takes to be as good as Abe?


Abigail went to Andre for help with Dario Andre brought in Theo who agreed to help Theo found evidence of embezzling and counter fitting

Are Theo’s computer skills a good direction for his character?

Sonny being hypnotized just made himself think he was even more guilty of killing Damos

Steve told Tripp that he Nurse shelly was setting up Kayla

Will tripp confess how much further will this go?

After losing the rights to the paper Angelica told Steve that this was about Alexander and getting Justin back  and it was not over

Anjelica concocted a scheme that included Hattie pretending to be Marlena  and Bonnie Lockhart pretending to be Adriane

Are you excited to see this story unfold and if you remember Bonnie what are your thoughts on her?

Kate ran into John and sought a quarter for a meter Johns stonewalling cost Kate ad 75 dollar ticket john laughed and demanded his quarter back?

Did you find this amusing and what do you think of Johns Hair ?

Justin paid off the loan for Adriane and Jennifer insisting that Adriane never find out

Would Adrianne finding out help or hurt his batter with Lucas for her ?

Abigail confronted Dario about all his crimes demanding he undo everything Dario countered with blackmailing her over proof that Chad killed Damos

Can you feel chad and Abigail’s reunion getting closer?

Hope and Rafe continued to try and link Xander to damos’s murder despite him being in a Greek jail

Paul and John went off to Greece for more answers

Eli’s FBI team tracked down MYRON Dario’s hacker Myron then went Rat and spilled everything

rafe then arrested Dario

Is this the last we see of Dario?

Claire wants to try and be friends with Theo, Theo is reluctant

Is there any harm in trying to be friends

YES there is laughed Rob returning from his run

“Did you get him” mocked Nicole

“No” Rob went to Blanca and explained what and why he did what he did” she laughed and hugged him

Kate and Andre’s babysitting Thomas led to an amusing food Fight

Will their fake marriage turn into love?

It did for Kate and Stefano

Kate Andre and Abigail discussed everything Dario  they again brought in theo to remove darios evidence against chad from his phone

Will this backfire on any of them and who would it impact the most

Back in Greece Xander mocked Paul and john saying that for him to be freed from Greece jail travel to Salem murder damos and return to Greece jail was beyond him.  But Not Beyond Victor

Could Victor have arranged Damos’s murder?

“it’s a better alternative than the other suspects ” Robert looked into the Telescope and within a few moments “WALLA,Nicole take a look

“It better not be anything crude” she warned, while looking into it ..she gasped


Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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