Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/17/15: You Know He’s Listening, Right?

Hope and Aiden spend a romantic evening together.

Hope and Aiden spend a romantic evening together.

Late Friday afternoon…

Robert: Come on, Nicole. We’re going out for a business dinner.

Nicole: Tonight? Why?

Robert: Because if I don’t expense it this month, I won’t get the money next month.

Nicole: I have plans with Daniel.”

Robert: You bring him, ill bring Jan. We’ll have fun.

Nicole: Sure I guess I’ll call him.

Robert: Wait—you don’t think he’ll hit on Jan, do you? Because…well, you know why.

No more Dr. Manwhore jokes,” Nicole snapped

Okay, okay,” Robert laughed.


Robert: Daniel.

Daniel: Robert. They shook hands, then the men helped the ladies into their seats.

Why did you pick this place?” Nicole asked, looking around.

Robert: Overlooking the park. What’s wrong with it?

Nicole: Nothing. Just wondering.”

Robert: Haven’t; been here in ages and the owner promised me a free meal if I had it reviewed.

Nicole: Of course, of course. Wait this place isn’t owned by Stefano is it?

Robert: Nah.

Actually I think Victor owns this place,” added Daniel.

Well, that explains the décor. Let’s just order,” Nicole said snarkily.

Finally, went Jan.

They ordered, and Robert started looking around the park area. He spotted Clyde Weston in the bushes.

Nicole: Well, while we’re waiting, I might as well give you the recaps…Earth to Robert!

Robert: Fine, great. Go ahead,” said Rob without taking his eyes of Clyde.

Nicole: Daniel, Nicole, and Eric complain to Victor and anyone that will listen about the free-as-a-bird Zander. Why is Zander still lurking about? What unfinished business does he have in Salem?

He wont bother you anymore,” said Daniel.

He better not,” went Rob. “Continue, please.

Serena tries desperately to get Eric to forgive her blaming Nicole for everything. Will he or won’t he?

Robert: He may. It’s hard to tell with him. Wait—he didn’t kiss her, did he?

When Nicole heard Rob say that, she glanced at Daniel who smiled at her. She kicked rob under the table.

“OWWW!” Rob laughed.

Kayla and Chad had hospital business. Kayla hoped Chad can resist Stefano’s influence. Can chad be his own man and resist?

Feel the power of the dark side, went Jan, in a Darth Vader voice.

“That’s not funny, Jan,” snapped Nicole

Robert: I thought it was hysterical.

Nicole: Well, of course you would.

“Next,” prompted Rob.

Kayla helped Abigail out with her pregnancy test, while confiding in her as best she could. Then Hope stole it. Why did Hope do so?

Haven’t a clue yet.

Obviously Nicole didn’t tell Daniel anything about her and Eric or that Eric went and told Nicole his feelings about her.

Rafe and hope continue their Clyde investigation. Nothing new there.

Hope and Aiden had a romantic evening.

Justin and Adriane are still moving forward with their divorce.

Roman enlisted JJ to rid the streets of drugs, and JJ had run-ins with a dealer trying to woo Paige. Will Paige actually become a drug dealer just to piss JJ off?


Eric and Eve had some “moments.” Can you see them as a couple?

Better than many alternatives.

Theresa and Anne’s scheme to get rid of the nanny continued. Is this the end of Nannygate?

“Nannygate. Cute,” said Rob.

Stefano finally told Chad that he wants Chad and Abigail together because Abigial owns some valuable real estate in Ireland—real estate that could be of use to Dimera, Inc. Do you believe him..?

Always in all things.

Nicole: Can I finish please?

Robert: Right. Sorry.

Do you believe him? Is there more to it?

It could have been Santo’s property. That’s why he wants it back, Rob said, still watching Clyde. He saw him holding something to his ear.

“Don’t be stupid, Robert.”

Santo?” asked Daniel.

Forget it. Everyone else has,” went Nicole.

Nicole: My source is telling me that Clyde is listening to Stefano through a planted bug and is keeping Ben up to date on everything Chad-and-Abigail-related.

Robert: Stefano knows about the bug.

Nicole: How do you know?

Robert: Because he is Stefano Dimera.”

Nicole: Meaning you told him.

Rob didn’t answer. He continued to watch Clyde.

Theo Ciara, Clair Belle, and Shawn’s daughter are coming down with SORAS [Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome]. Clair will be returning to Salem, as will Philip.

Robert: You’re not still mad at Philip over the Chloe thing are you Daniel? Rob chuckled.

“He better not be.” Nicole smiled at Daniel as the food arrived.

“Let’s eat,” went Daniel.

“First, a toast,” went Jan. Rob turned back into his seat. They raised their glasses.

“New writers’ material is getting closer and closer,” went Jan.

“Hear, hear!” they clinked their glasses and began dining.

Time to turn the hourglass.


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By Robert Feldmann


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    They are characters made up by our DOOL CF writer, Robert Feldmann, as he does his Cliffhanger Posts as a combination of recapping and fan fiction. Thank you for reading, Cynthia. And sorry it took me so long to respond–I was moving right when you wrote the above comment.

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