Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/15/16: Greece is the Word

Marlena decided to take her mind off John for a bit and go to Robert’s house as he missed his last few sessions she rang the bell Blanca answered right away

“OH MY” she said when she saw Robert in a Cage Dancing and Singing in the living room

GREECE IS THE TIME AND THE PLACE AND THE MOTION GREECE IS THE WAY WE ARE FEELING….”Rob saw Marlena “OH hi Marlena,im sorry i missed my appointments im a..little caged up

“we have company ROBERT put on some pants” shouted Blanca Robert Ran to the cage walls  and shook the bars “I AM SPARTACUS”

“i had to stop him from running off To Greece”

“I understand completely “went Marlena trying not to laugh
This week in Salem

Maggie unaware of  Damos true motives thanked him for his part in getting Brady back to Salem

Will maggie be the one to uncover damos’s plot

Wouldn’t surprise me Maggie’s a smart woman

Navy Seal Eric OR maybe Knights Templar Eric told Jennifer that she couldn’t go with him on his mission to Save Nicole

Bad Idea

Why was it a bad idea? Asked Marlena

Because Nicole will cut off his nose to spite her face it’s a character flaw even i can’t break he will just make things worse

Tripp helped Joey throw a drunk out of the pub Joey stole some of the drunk’s money

SMH idiot

Kayla wants Jade gone but still expects jade to keep joeys murder of Ava a secret

Is that arrogance stupidity or both

Jade may be. An annoying teen but The Johnson’s are treating her like Crap they deserve what they get

“Be nice” went Blanca Robert put his face to the cage THIS IS SPARTA

“Would you like some coffee Marlena

Yes please

Hope decided that because she Killed Stefano She is now Chad’s mother and decided to baby sit him in Greece

SMH Salem cops have jurisdiction in Greece now Dumb de dumb dumb Dumb

More than half of the cast is on their way to Greece Did NBC have new sets built will this break the budget will Chad’s hotel look like Jennifer’s house ?

Jade told Tripp that Kayla killed AVA

Ha that will teach her. But the truth would have saved allot of time

Gabi and Abe conspired to get Eli and Valerie to talk .it may have worked because Eli said he couldn’t stay mad at Gabi Valerie also thanked Abe

Will Valerie Eli and Abe become family now?


QUIET yelled Blanca..”he’s ruined that movie for me ”

WHAT? That movie has the best ending ever.. Can’t get the boy to notice you… Dress up like a slut and fly away in a car its AWESOME


Sonny accused Damos of not doing enough to help find Nicole

Will Sonny be the one to put all the pieces together?

Xander tried a new tactic giving Holly to a nanny he gave Nicole free roam of the house after some small talk and a game of cards Nicole tried to escape It just made Xander Angry

Marlena is it Xander or Zander..

I think its Xander


HA HA told you laughed Blanca

Nicole went to try and bribe a guard but it turned out to be Eric

I bet she didn’t go with him

Nope she didn’t

Marlena if you were in serious danger and Stefano showed up to rescue you ..what would you do

I would go with him



sigh anyway Damos mistook  Eric for a guard and gave him Holly, Eric then got  Holly to the plane

Andre and Hope are trying to get Chad not to turn to the dark side warning him against the danger of the cursed Amulet

Do you believe in curses Andre suspects Chad already has the Amulet..He does

Were you impressed by Tony’s shirt?

After some Stockholm syndrome bonding Nicole tried to grab the keys from a passed out Xander it didn’t work Xander went into a rage but Eric returned to knock him unconscious

Nicole yelled at Eric some more and refused to go anywhere with Daniels murderer

Nicole won’t say no to my rescuing her Blanca let me out”

Not a chance

Is this how it’s going to be writers making Everyone despise Nicole again so when she leaves nobody will care


Brady woke up and tried to get Chloe to stop the Holly Madness

I’ll never play that drinking game again that’s for sure

Will Chloe cut it down a little

Supercop and newly recovered Lani are also off to Greece

Will Halo side effects lessen their chances of a rescue  Gabi got on the plane and is obviously going with them

Well that’s that then Supercops on the way I’m not needed ..LET ME OUT


Marlena John is in greece i can take you too him

Nice try now. Let’s take this time for the three of us to talk about why you’re in that cage

this was your idea wasn’t it Marlena

yes it was ..i knew you would like it doesn’t it look familiar ?”
rob looked around  “AREMID” @#$@#$#@  That’s not fair Marlena I wasn’t there
I know but i knew  you would love the nostalgia of being in a replica of the  Stefano had built for me”

Blanca laughed and laughed “would you stay for diner Marlena i have many questions for you”

i would love to

aw Crap


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann




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