Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/07/15: Dreams and Schemes

11850851_10204255567739717_460428332_nNicole parked her car at her office. Everything looked different, empty and barren. She wondered what was going on. She asked Marco on the way up. He said he noticed it too (how could you not) but had no idea why. She arrived at Rob’s office.

Robert: Nicole, great. I’ve been waiting for you!

Nicole: Yeah, hi, Rob. What happened to the parking lot and area around the building.

Robert: I had all the foliage removed!

Nicole: Why?

Robert: Every time i turned around there are people lurking in the bushes. No bushes, no bush people. There’s a war coming, you know.

Nicole: I know. I’m hoping it can be avoided.

Robert: Anyway, now that you’re here, I have something to tell you. Please, sit.

Nicole sits down

Robert: You know I love you, right Nicole?

Nicole: Am I being fired?

Robert: No.

Nicole: Are you dying?

Robert: No.

Nicole: Then whats going on?

Robert: Nothing, it’s just…” Rob starts crying. “I love you so much, Nicole. I cant stand it when you’re not here. I want you near me more. Crying and tears. “I…l love you, Nicole. We need to be together. We belong together. We are meant for each other.” More crying and tears. “BE WITH ME!” Rob takes out a handkerchief and wipes his face. “Please, Nicole, I’m so empty without you. I love you so much. I can make you so happy. More crying. Rob looks at Nicole, who just stares at him.

Nicole: Are you done?

Robert: What, that didn’t work?

Nicole: NO! Of course it didn’t! And it didn’t work for chad either!

Robert: Damn.

Nicole: You didn’t try that with Jan, did you? Of course not she would have laughed at you smacked you silly.”

Robert: No, I didn’t..But i do like it when she smacks me.


This week in Salem…

Eve, perhaps coming a little unglued, started having dreams of murdering Jennifer.

Robert: Do you really think she will go that far?

Nicole: Nah.

“Horton Center is in danger of being closed down by some out-of-town corporation, led by some guy Jennifer knows. She vowed not to let it happen.

Robert: Where do you stand on this?

Nicole: Way to keep Salem in 1800, Jennifer.

Brady hired a new nanny. Theresa faked a leg injury to avoid being removed from the mansion. It doesn’t look like it worked, as Brady TOLD her to move out.”

Robert: Do you think this will finally make Theresa stop with the lies?

Nicole: We can hope, but no.

JJ’s training is complete; he’s ready to bust the drug dealers. Will he be Supercop or Superdead?

Robert: Superdead…cute.

Nicole: Chloe’s back in town. She gave me and Daniel grief about Parker and me, but for now things are OK.

Will Chloe‘s words haunt Daniel?

Robert: Forget Daniel! Nicole, BE WITH ME! Rob starts crying again. Nicole throws her pen at him.


Nicole: Eric is talking to Marlena about me, Chad is talking to Marlena about Abigail. Eric says he loves me but wants me to be happy.

Robert: I can make you happy Nicole.” *SNIFF* Rob started to cry but stopped when Nicole picked up something to throw at him.

“Is Marlena back in business or will it just fade away again?”

Robert: I’m seeing Marlena.

Nicole: You—why?

Robert: Spying for Stefano, why else?

“Moving on. Clyde’s technician altered the Abigail Daddy test. Looks like Ben’s the father.”

Robert:And here I thought Kate would be the trigger to the Dimera-Kiriakis/Bush People Wars…Helen of Troy, Abigail of Salem.

“Chad cried and cried some more then cried even more until…After talking to Marlena, there may have been something that just broke.”

Robert: Good, then we can stop with the brainwashing?

Nicole: What?

Robert: Next.

Nicole: Serena is making her goodbye rounds. She was with Caroline, and Caroline collapsed. What is wrong with Caroline?

Robert: I hope she’s OK. I’ll send her flowers.

Nicole: That’s nice of you.

Robert: Thank you.

Nicole: That’s about it?

Robert: Great lets grab Daniel and Jan and have dinner.

Nicole: OK.

“Nicole…” Rob starts crying again. Nicole smacks him.

Time to turn the hourglass.


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By Robert Feldmann,


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      thanks Jennifer, i hope Caroline is okay as well they are tying whats happening into the big 50 celebration from what ive been hearing

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