Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/03/15: Clyde Meets the Phoenix

JJ receives a surprising offer from Bev's friend Kyle.

JJ receives a surprising offer from Bev’s friend Kyle.

Robert needed the weekly recaps but Nicole was still in the hospital. He would go see her, but first he had work to do. Nicole’s source wasn’t in his usual spot. So if you want to know everything that’s happening in Salem, there’s only one real place to go: Dimera Mansion.

Stefano: Robert come in.

Sit down. How is Miss Walker?

Robert: Thank you. She’s better.

Stefano: I always liked her. You know, going back to when she kept my grandaughter with EJ, but away from Samantha.

Robert: I remember.

Stefano: Care for some Chess, Robert?

Robert: Sure,” Stefano pulled over the board. “So, Stefano…What’s been going on lately.”

This week in Salem.

Clyde meets the Phoenix

Victor tried to kick Theresa out of his house. Brady stepped in and gave Victor the “She goes, I go” speech. Victor caved. Maggie gave Theresa her “Nonsense, Isn’t going to” fly warning. They hired a very attractive nanny. Theresa is already jealous. What will Theresa do about her? How much is victor willing to take, and what will Theresa do, knowing that everyone is on to her? And why is Brady still living there, anyway?

Stefano: Robert, when you get to be my and Victors age, you’ll like having family around.


Stefano: You were wrong in your article last week, Robert. Apparently Eric Brady and Miss Walker didn’t not made love, according to Nicole. It was an honest assumption given this town’s history.

AHA (Rob moves a knight).

Can Nicole move forward with Daniel without Eric getting in her way?

Stefano: It’s good to see two men fighting FOR her instead of being all purposely disruptive.

Robert: Yes, it is. Good move.

(Stefano moves a bishop).

New guy Derrick may be added into the Sonny, Paul, and Will scenario. Will is being overprotective, jealous, and insecure. Sonny is trying to put up with him. When and what will be the breaking point for those two?

Stefano: William was a fine young man, but lately he’s wandered down a different road,” added Stefano.

Robert: It was good of you to look the other way given that he shot EJ many years back.

Stefano: Yes, it was.

Robert: Speaking of shootings, I heard Clyde Weston stopped by.

Stefano: SMH. All these people running in and out of my house…Harold never locks that door. Don’t know why I keep him around sometimes.

Robert: Are you sure Clyde didn’t do anything—like plant a bug—when he was here?

Stefano: I’ll get back to you on that.

Robert: What will Clyde’s next move be? Whatever it is, it may be fun to watch play out.

JJ/Bev are getting more serious. Jennifer warned him about rebounding. Page is becoming nasty and is looking into online dating. Why cant Page just let it all go?

Stefano: Online…I am so glad chad is here to help me with this computer stuff.

Adriane and Justin signed divorce papers. What’s next for them both? Divorce is always sad.


Damn…Jennifer told JJ about some of his grandmother’s mental issues, while Eve tried to enlist Theresa in her making-Jennifer-as-crazy-as-Momma scheme. Can you see Jennifer going down that road?

Stefano: It’s hereditary. I remember Laura and what Peter and I…one of my many regrets. Stefano laughs. “And the funniest part of it all was, it didn’t even work.

Ben Despite knowing that Abigail and Chad continued with their plans to move in together, Abigail told Jennifer, who had mixed feelings on the life changing event

Robert: Who will Abigail chose to be with?

Stefano: I hope she chooses my son. She better choose my son.

Zander is out of jail harassing Serena, warning her not to talk to the cops anymore. He tells her Eric will get hurt if she does. Will Victor regret letting Zander go?

“Nothing worse than a rogue employee,” says Stefano.


Clyde is again getting in between Hope and Aiden. Hope and Rafe harassed Stefano about him being back in town.

Stefano: Lol! That was amusing. Kate told Clyde she was forced to marry me.”

Robert: She had a choice Marry you or her cellmate.

Stefano: Lol! She chose unwisely.

Robert: Kate and Abigail are both modern day Helens of Troy. Which one of them will be the one that launches Salem into a full-scale war?

Stefano: Abigail is still young…Kate, on the other hand…I will deal with Mr. Weston when the time comes.



Stefano: Good game! Stay for dinner. Let’s play again.”

Robert: Sure.

Time to turn the hourglass.

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