Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/26/19: Mr and Mrs Doctor Moocher

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What are you doing here and why now? 

I think you already know Bob 

So this time around are you Tony? Or Andre pretending to be tony? Because last time you were here i swore it was tony thinking he was Andre which would you prefer because i haven’t decided yet 

Just don’t make me regret bringing you back, i just have two questions one Where is “Nicole”  and two Are you going to make Hope pay for what she did to father !!!???”

I can answer one of those 



This Week In Salem

Sarah saw Eric moving boxes and thought he was leaving his own apartment 

I would if i was him 

Eric told them they can both stay as long as the like 

The big question on everyone’s mind is…Why can’t two Doctors Afford their own apartment ?

Its beyond ridiculous but the sad truth is NBC doesn’t want to pay to build another set 

SMDH moving on Ted and Kate lied for Kristen and blamed their kidnapping on Stefan later Kate doubled down on her lie saying she heard Stefan outside the door 

But wasn’t that room soundproofed i was sure it was last time she was locked in it 

Is that the same room?

I don’t know anymore i think so 

Stefan thanked Gabi for all her help 

Uh oh someone’s in love 

Love is a wonderful thing Bob 

For you it was it’s what brought you to the dark side for both versions of your it still work 

You know if the show really wanted to they could recast Andre 

Why would they do that 

Andre had surgery to look like tony. It can be undone 

They would never recast me would they? 

Don’t know Kristen , Susan banks ,Vivian soon anything is Nah 

Xander had some fun at Susan’s expense 

Xander such high hopes for him but he’s becoming unreliable

Can’t trust those kirakis’s 

Speaking of Kirakis Kristen pretending to be Susan Banks threw herself at Brady claiming that her and Roger had one of those open relationships 

That makes sense 

How so 

Elvis impersonators have been known to fair well with the ladies .anyway it failed 

What were your thoughts on the Susan and Brady Clash?

The real Susan showed up 

Out of the blue just like that 

apparently anyway Susan and fake Susan had some entertaining moments Kristen Susan was able to convince real Susan that she was sister Mary moria no longer a nun ..For now anyway 

What were your feelings on that encounter?

Stefan tried reasoning and bribing Kate to get her to come clean as Nicole as the culprit  didn’t work Rex jumped in to protect mommy 

Was Rex out of line ?

No that’s his mother 

Test tube mother not the same thing 

BTW where is cassie has anyone even mentioned her 

Cassie such a lovely girl 

Remember after you “killed” her she spent all of Melsewan Island in your mock mansion 

How do you know that was me? 

Kate told Ted that it was safer to back Kristen because she doesn’t think Stefan can beat Kristen 

Do you agree with Kate? 

probably they refuse to let Stefan out of the box he’s chad 2.0 its probably why your back  rumors still exist that Stefan isn’t on contract

Vivians returning i hope he gets better 

What will Vivian’s return do to the Stefan character ?

Brady gave Xander his briefcase back Xander showed  how they didnt find the mask .secret compartment 

Was the mask your idea ?

Why don’t you like it ?

A mask that enhances women’s breasts size.. Well if Nicole and Brady ever….it can only fool idiots like him 

Does the mask story remind you of the fake Rafe story and how Sami was fooled by all that? 

Yes it does..Doesn’t mean it’s a good thing though 

Maggie is doubting Xanders hero turn 

Rome wasn’t built in a day Maggie these things take time 

Is there hope for Xander in Maggie’s eyes? 

I hope so.. I hope Xander is another one of Maggies eggs that got loose 

Sarah told Rex they should move out 

Oh know where they will live now 

Haley is having nightmare/visions about Claire  Tripp is making up stories to get her some medicine 

Will this backfire on him

Only if he develope’s real feelings..UH OH 

Jennifer and Dr Sha gave it ago   Sha though apparently had enough of being rejection guy or rebound guy or replacement guy and broke things off 

ROTLFMAO good for him 

Jack been taking the serum for his memory BUT Xander mentioned a fake serum so is Xander playing eve is Jack playing eve are they playing eve together 

If jack and Xander are a team on this that would be so hilarious 

Mr Chin suspended Stefan over these kidnapping allegations 

Again with the Flip floppy dimera board Will these writers ever get things straight?


Kristen Nicole told Brady she has a plan to get Dimera enterprises for both of them 

Andre tony whoever you are going to be you need to make Dimera Great again have you seen what’s been happening since you Died ?

I will do what i can 

As long as it’s better than the last time and i never believed Abigail killed you 

That wasn’t me 

Uh huh 

Jack met up with JJ, JJ thinks his fathers on the level and actually showed some support 

Is this a breakthrough for them both?                  

Xander told eve he was pretty much done with her and jack caught Eve burning dr rolfs notes 

I have copies 

i do too ..Anyway  I think that was the straw that broke the Devreoux back Eve’s days with jack are numbered 

How happy does this make you?

It doesn’t unless you bring Daniel back. For the real Nicole 

Stefan brought in Abe to help with his suspension 

Tony/Andre did the board ever think about suspending you 

Heavens no id roast them all alive 


But to be fair the board is really something EJ made up but still father and i were always in control 

Sigh the good old days 

Kristen doubled down to Brady saying it will work 

Can you see Nicole/Kristen seducing Stefan 

Yes i think it would be hilarious 

To prevent further damage Gabi asked Abe to marry her and Abe 

Can you do that if you’re no longer mayor?

Anyone can marry anyone in Salem 

Right i forgot 

And then Kristen as Nicole came here to see you.   you have AD on your robe but everything I’ve heard says your Tony 

But i don’t have to guess because unfortunately for you  i brought this cat 

Mr. Snuffles is this Andre or Tony 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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