Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-20-18: Goodbye to Tate

Theresa got into her taxi  “airport please”  the car sped off when they got close to the airport  the driver asked Where are you going looking so sad ?

LA, my mother’s sick

I’m sorry to hear that  please give Kimberly my best

“How did you know my mother’s name?” Theresa asked just then the locks to the cab doors shut and the car went faster

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? Theresa screamed

“Taking you to California” Bob turned so Theresa could see him

“BOB!!! ?” Theresa chuckled

This Week in Salem

Theresa blaming Brady for planting the Drugs/framing JJ said he would never see Tate again, Brady then lost custody

Were you surprised by the verdict?


JJ was suspended from his EMT job

Hmm bet he becomes a lawyer next

Victor offered Theresa a job and a place to stay but she said no she didn’t trust Brady anymore

Chad offered Kate a job at Titan


When will they come out and say Kate is Chad’s mother?

Abigail is considering ending the pregnancy because she thinks its Stefan’s not Chads

Not going there just going to say that in Salem abortions are rare

Can you remember the last Salem resident to have an abortion and why ?

Yes and i think so yes

Jennifer said she is going to get to the bottom of the JJ drugs situation the whys whose and what’s

How will Jennifer uncover this?

By talking to Eve she’ll crack soon enough

Roman told Theresa the bad news about Kimberly her cancer returned when she shared the information with Brady and Eve everyone made peace she left for California shortly after

Offering Brady to come out and see them.

Where you happy with Theresa’s brief return story and the obvious exit?


Ciara who now is focused on Ben told Claire she could have Ben

Will Ben and Ciara work? What will happen to Steve’s son and Bo’s daughter??????

No clue?

Hope and Rafe continued to badger Ben who denied starting the fire, at  first denying his medicine but eventually gave it to him he eventually got his phone call and he called Ciara

Who probably will get him a lawyer

TED Get TED!!! Hope he Sue’s the entire department

Lani Abe Valerie and Eli buried Baby David

What is next for these four?

Hearing Body over the phone Kate harassed Will about what was going on eventually he told her about the drug and the memories

Kate being Kate SMH

Will Kate screw everything up for Sonny and Will AND PAUL ,did Paul send the letter ?

Sadly i think so

Stefan was threatening Kate, Ted overheard and stepped into defend Kate.

Is Ted working for Stefan?

Anyway Kate thanked Ted by sleeping with him

Took her long enough Go Ted

Chad and Sonny argued about running Titan

Sonny needs to know his place

Where is Chad going to take Titan

Kayla continues to hide the backers of his surgery which Steve is now going to go through with

What will happen with Steve Stefan and the Bionic Eye?

Gabi wanting to stop Abigail told Stefan about the baby Stefan went to stop her

I don’t know. Gabi confuses me ??? is she being evil or not Make up our minds

How long will this drag out 6 months a year??

Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be over soon

That’s about it  I’m going to miss you in Salem Theresa

I’m going to miss Salem !!

Where Here!

Wow that was fast

We’re traveling on soap opera time

Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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