Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/19/19: Nicole walker Lucha Libre Luchadora

Marlena’s office 

So I’m having trouble explaining it to Blanca can you help me Marlena, 

LOCO went Bianca as well as a few unprintable words 

Run it all by me again just in case i missed something 

My scientists have come up with a face mask for women, that Enhances woman’s Breast size. Do you know how many men would want this for their significant others it’s a multimillion dollar idea..

Marlena looks at Bob then Blanca she reaches down behind her desk and hands Blanca a Umbrella”Hit Him with This” 


 Blanca laughed  Marlena shook her head while smiling 

This week in Salem 

Abe was naturally thrilled upon hearing about Eli and Lani’s engagement 

Are you happy for this couple? 

“Yes” went bob rubbing his head  

Hope accused Stefan of kidnapping Ted and Kate 

Typical Hope you have no real evidence.. But why should that stop vicious evil murderers 

Stefan said he was being framed and tried to kick them all out of the Mansion he was later arrested 

Will this change Stefan’s character? 

I hope so he’s been dormant for too long 

Xander warned Kristen not to throw him under the bus he was later arrested 

Would Xander offers his services to Stefan?

Gabi told Brady her plan was working Brady was concerned Gabi was falling for Stefan Gabi said it was all under control 

Is Gabi faking it ?

Kristen kissed Xander in an attempt to reclaim her Nicole mask it didn’t work 


Kristen as Nicole made a move on Brady because of Eric he turned her down 

Points for Brady ???

Xander reminded eve that she had to help him 

Gabi told Stefan she thinks Nicole stashed away Ted and Kate and that Kate would be his ticket out of this mess 

Will alliances shift as the walls close in on Kristen ?

Kate told ted they had to find a way to free themselves from kristen 

See above i think Ted and Kate are going to change their story on Stefan 

Jack and Jennifer argued about his memory again won’t be much longer now he told Eve if he got his memory back he wouldn’t leave her 

Sure just like Bo/ princess Gina/Billy and nick Stockton Billy/Kayla 

BTW Steve is on his way back to Salem late this year early next year 

Are you getting ready for his return? 

I think we all are 

what’s the first thing Jack will do after he gets his memory back 

Go running to Eve ..To fire her 

Eve offered Ted the DA job again Ted’s conflicted 

Could Ted be a good da if he tried to be 


Gabi tried to brownie the truth out of Kate didn’t work 

Have to try harder than that Gabi 

To teach Kristen the value of a boss treating his/her employees well he stole Kristen’s Nicole mask 

Why does she only have one anyway??? that not good planning 

Brady tried to fire Xander over his being arrested thing but Xander reminded him his contract says he can’t be fired unless he’s convicted 

shouldn’t Brady have known that ?

Yes he should have 

Gabi went to see Nicole and wouldn’t leave Kristen in a desperate attempt to get rid of Gabi appeared in a Mexican wrestling mask  not too different than the one Rey mysterious wore 

a freaked out Gabi got out of there as fast as she could 


Gabi told Brady about the mask and why she had to get Stefan out of prison 

Does Brady think Gabi is into Stefan 

Jennifer in a combination of frustration and desperation called up Dr Shaw and ask him out 

Will we be seeing dr Shaw next week 

This is so typical of Jennifer Marlena 

How so 

Remember not so long back when Jack was dying and he put Frankie and Jennifer together and when he wasn’t dying they crushed his feelings 

I remember 

Well she’s doing it again to this Shaw character …moving on 

Susan Banks arrived at Will’s doorstep…everyone was surprised 

Will and Sonny were even more surprised when finding out she had a gun 

Don’t see the big deal 

You don’t 

No marlena i don’t you have a gun john has a gun Everybody has gun its Salem it can be a very dangerous place ..Thanks to Hope 


Stefano kept the streets safer Marlena that’s what being in control was all about 

let’s not digress 

Eventually they got the gun away from her 

They will feel really guilty if something should happen to Susan later on 

Rafe told Ben NO to seeing David  because jordan/Mommy said NO 

Why does Ben want to see David so much? 

He wants to connect with his nephew 

So he can what recreate him and Clyde??? ..Moving on 

Ciara caught Hope and ted kissing and gave her blessing 

Was that nice or none of her business 

Both so it doesn’t matter 

Gabi grew suspicious of Xanders briefcase and sought about taking it for herself. She grabbed it and in the struggled kneed him in the going 


were you rooting for Gabi or Xander during that 

Xander what Gabi did is called stealing which Rafe told her when catching Gabi trying to open it rafe demanded she give it back

Susan tried to seduce Brady claiming her and Roger were in an open relationship 


Brady obviously halted everything 

Kristen confronted Xander about the mask

Gabi gave Brady the briefcase to give to Xander  will Brady be able to open if after Gabi failed to 

I bet it opens up by itself 

Susan banks the REAL Susan banks arrived at the mansion 

Is the timing of two Susan’s just too convenient did one know what the other one was doing ?

Not sure i doubt Kristen knew Susan was arriving 

Will we get an EJ and same update from Susan?

And thats about it pretty intense week especially Friday 

can’t wait until Monday 

Good now about  .. John entered the room 

Hey everyone ready to go 

Yes and lets hurry bob hurried to the elevator Blanca shook her head while walking past him 

Marlena whispered to him john chuckled 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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