Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-12-18: I Didn’t Start the Fire

Blanca was listening to i didn’t start the fire song when John started banging on the door


Blanca answered

what’s wrong John ..Bob’s not here

“He’s taken Marlena ” John showed her a letter with a chess Queen  taped to it “do you know where he/they went

“i don’t but Bob said I’m supposed to go with you find them ”

“Sigh okay i know where to start whenever you’re ready please?”

“Of course Mami please look after Stefano”

“You kids have fun”

“Your husband’s insane”

“i know i know ” Blanca laughed John smirked and they left

This week in Salem

Brady liked to Eve telling her Nicole killed Damos Eve wants him to bring the evidence to the police thinking it will help him with Taste’s custody

Nicole did not kill Damos SMH and that EVIDENCE ??? Victor said any evidence against Nicole would be USELESS once he told the cop’s Eve killed Damos WHICH HE DID

Nicole’s rumored to be coming back and i wouldn’t put it past The writers to bring Nicole  back just to put her in prisons so  anything is possible

Is the Damos murder mystery coming to an end ?

Will and Sonny did what they could to remove any and all evidence of Leo being in the house but when they went to the car to get rid of the body the car was gone

Will they buy Maggie a new rug?

Paul fears he will lose Will to his memories?

I think Paul moved the body and they will turn him dark to make Sad Stalker Sonny more likeable

i hope not

Eve went for the Nicole evidence Victor told her Brady had it moved

Didn’t Zander Steal it and will he return with Nicole

Nicole coming back could cause problems for my marriage went Blanca

Robert Bob was that explained to you

Yes and Bob is everything i ever wanted in a husband so let’s leave it at that

John nodded

Ciara told Hope and Rafe that Ben didn’t set the fire Ben saved her naturally the idiots refused to believe her declaring Stockholm syndrome

Aww just like Rafe and Sami had

Do you remember the story on how Rafe and Sami fell in love?

Ben is handcuffed in police custody and is being questioned without a lawyer wasn’t even mentioned

Rope’s corruption knows no bounds

Does it bother you when the writers forget the littlest details that will bring believably to the story lines?

Kate complained that her life was ruined because she killed Vivian

SMH that’s Kate for you

Ted kissed her and BOOM right to bed

WAY TO GO TED .. i hope he’s working for Stefan i really do !

Blanca did Bob say anything about partnering with Stefan?

Yes He said Stefan was an amateur and he would not get involved unless Stefano came to him in a dream and asked him to

Great…. just Great

Ari is still treating her mother (Gabi) badly

Kid needs a serious time out

Gabi came down with stomach pains and Maggie took her to the hospital

What is wrong with Gabi?

Jennifer is worried about the effects Theresa will have on JJ

Poor JJ Hope Jennifer warms his bottle

Theresa agreed to joint custody just to stop the fighting

Theresa is upset that Shane and Kimberly didn’t come to see her

Shane and Kimberly are horrible parents

that’s not fair something happened to Kimberly

right and something happened to Shane to prevent him to going to his only granddaughters Funeral

Horrible grandparents no creativity from the writers they can say they are there but Upstairs sleeping or staying at hotel from lack of room?? Something that doesn’t make them looks Lame

Are you upset that the show won’t spend a few extra dollars to have Charles/Shane and patsy/Kimberly show up ?


Child services found drugs in Theresa’s place JJ took the fall

SMH pretty low Brady, Brady denied it

Was it eve or Brady that planted them?

I think victor had a goon plant it but Eve knows about it

Either way it’s totally messed up to let that happen to your sister

Will this make eve Stop all the madness?

Kayla told Gabi there was a possibility she couldn’t have anymore children

Gabi vowed revenge as Chad pointlessly tried to console her

Not Chad’s strong point sigh

Somewhat drunk Stefan isn’t going to give up on Getting Gabigail back

Deluded and sad

Abigail is about to read the Gabi altered test results she will see that Stefan is the father

Are you tired of switching test results/who are the daddy stories?

I think we all are

Stefan sobered up rather quickly as he went to see Kate demanding the titan info he’s waiting for

Will Kate do it or use Ted to help block stefan

I hope Ted is working for Stefan

In court Theresa slammed into Brady for planting the Drugs it started getting real ugly when JJ came out and said they were his


Will Theresa leave with JJ’s baby ?

“We’re here” John and Blanca got out of the car and entered a building


Hi john

DIANA (corville)??

Good to see you too that bob is so nice he asked me to give you this

The note read

Close but no Cigar John now hurry up Diners getting cold

“sigh i think i know where they are now” he said to Blanca

Time To turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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