Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/11/19: Claire We Hardly Knew Ya

Bay view 

John and Marlena were processing Claire when Bob shows up 

“Bob this is not a good time”

“I know john but I’m here to help “

“How can you help ?”Asked Marlena 

“I’ve gone around to the “other guest” and ensured Claire’s safety for as long as she is here” 

This Week in Salem 

“Rex is suspicious of Kate’s Texts

“Hope told Xander she things Ted went missing because Ted knows Holly’s alive then she accused Xander of sending those texts 

Why would hope tell Xander that if she suspects him?

No clue 

Brady told Chloe he is glad she is away from Stefan 

Are we up for another round of Brady and Chloe?

Kristen as Nicole saw Ted and Kate alive and almost let them out they pleaded with her they think Xander is using Holly to make her do these things 

Well that technically may be true anyway Kristen let Xander have it and i think Xanders reached his Henchmen point 

Would Xander betray Kristen 

Fear so 

Gabi and Stefan have had it with Nicole and discussed firing her 

The walls are closing in on Eve as everyone is now looking towards her for everything Claire and Ciara, Ciara let Eve have it with both barrels 

They all gathered to say goodbye to Claire 

Feel bad for Claire thrown under the bus like that just like so many before her 

How much longer until Eve gets it 

I’m thinking before the end of the month if not sooner 

After thirty something years of drug and alcohol users going in and out of his house Victor finally dried out his house minus one bottle hiding under the sofa 

what’s your stance on this about time or he shouldn’t have to ?

Jack forced Eve to drop all charges against Ben she did but she let Ben know it wasn’t over 

Chloe in her little act of revenge against Stefan and Gabi told them they couldn’t rent out her place unless they paid Triple the normal rate they had no choice to agree 

LOL should have made it quadruple 

Xander talked his way out of not killing Kate or Ted to Kristen 

Stefan fired Kristen/Nicole 

Is Kristen going to flip 

Xander was saddened to see the necklace he gave Sarah on Chloe 

Poor guy not only should he not have given it to her Sarah should have not taken it 

should Xander have demanded it back from Chloe 

Nah that would be in poor form 

Get this Hope lectured Jack on levels she wouldn’t stoop to 

Eli brought Xander in for questioning 


Harassment nothing else 

Get ready for this. Okay are you ready. Here we go 

Hope Lectured Eve that Using her position to cover up crimes and frame innocent people is wrong

Run that by me again 

Hope actually told Eve that using her position to cover up crimes and frame innocent people is wrong 

But she Murder Stefano and frame Andre 


So how can she say those things? 


Hope is Evil. Moving on 

Eli didn’t believe Xander about Kate’s possible whereabouts 

Eve tried to intimidate Xander 

and that’s how she is going down 

Would Xander make a good commissioner? 

Best one ever i imagine 

Maggie found Victors Bottle Sarah stopped her from finishing it off Maggie promised to be nice to Rex 

Congrats Maggie you just gave Rex and Melissa the green light 

Will this be the end of bender Maggie 

Hope so 

Xander decided that Starvation isn’t the way to go out 

Will he just shoot them? 

Stefan fired Kristen, Kristen forgot she was Nicole and attacked him 

How do you know she forgot? 

Because it ruined all her plans and she knows better 

Not sure about that the Dimeras aren’t as smart as they use to be 

I know right it’s very, very sad 

How will Kristen alter her plans? 

Easy make a pitch to the board remind them who her father was and make them an offer they can’t refuse 

Kristen decided no more Mrs nice girl and went to finish Ted and Kate off herself just missing Abe who tried to stop Stefan from firing her 

Will Stefan change his mind ?

Will was released from the hospital 

JJ was evicted from his apartment 

You can’t just evict someone like that not in SMH 

Anyway he and Haley are going to move into the Soras house 

Which probably needs a new name now because Ciara is the only Soras member still living there 

What new name should we give the house 

How about Whose going to pay for all this 

Stefan and Gabi found caught in the passion of young love decided to do it on Julies Desk 

So romantic 

Not sure about that Bob 

Um excuse me john you and Marlena on a desk Created Belle 

That’s true it was the desk 


Do you remember that scene? 

Sami does..Moving on 

Julie threw water on them and they stopped and left 

Why didn’t she use a fire extinguisher

Budgets i bet 

Will she burn the desk? Would you burn the desk? 

Kate threatened Ted again Ted talked her out of it Nicole/Kristen entered with gun in hand 

Did she shoot right away? 


Sigh they never ever learn Just Shoot nobody will miss Ted and Kate deserves it more than anyone 

Xander decided that was no way for Kate and Ted to die and went to save them Hope followed him in the tunnels

Did the writers forget Hope was a cope and how come after 30 plus years of search warrants hope only discovered that secret entrance in 2019

Not sure its mind boggling 

Kate pretty much figured out Kristen’s plan minus the mask part 

Kristen left she ran into Xander and pointed her gun at him 

Will she shoot Xander 

No she just ordered him to leave and when she did Hope found Ted and Kate 

Stefan entered the room and Kate and Ted told hope Stefan locked them down there 

And the credits rolled 

Did kristen tell them to blame Stefan in exchange for their lives 

I think so anyway that was an intense moment can’t wait until Monday  John, Marlena again I’m sorry for Claire as usual the show wasted her until it was too late 

And Marlena next week we need to figure out why i feel bad for what happened to Claire makes me want to laugh out loud at her parents 

Next week Bob for sure 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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