Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/26/15: What the Hell Are You Doing in My House?

Sonny is furious when he uncovers Will's machinations.

Sonny is furious when he uncovers Will’s machinations.

Robert, alerted to what happened to Nicole, rushed over to the hospital. Unfortunately he found out long after visiting hours were over and had to sneak in to Nicole’s room, which was sadly too easy. She saw him enter and sat up.

Nicole: Rob, what are you doing here? You’re going to get into trouble?

Instead of responding Rob embraced her into a hug. I was so worried, he tearfully sniffed.

Robert: If something happened to you…

Nicole: Relax. I’m going to be fine. But I obviously don’t have the weekly recaps ready.

Robert: Shhh. Don’t worry about that you just rest and get better ASAP.

Nicole smiled then,

Robert: OMG! You made love with Eric!” Rob laughed quietly.

Nicole: What! How did you..?

Robert: I know that look, Nicole. And I remember his cologne from the last time I ran into him. It’s all over you.

Rob and Nicole heard people outside.

Nicole: You better get out of here,” said Nicole.

Rob got up and turned around.

Robert: Love you, Nicole…strictly as friends, of course.

Nicole: Love you too thanks for…means a lot to me.

Robert: See you soon.

Rob left Nicole’s room and the building. He ran into Brady outside the hospital.

Robert: Care for a soda, Brady?

Brady: Sure.

Robert: So Brady, how was your week?

This week in Salem…

Page continues her rage against everyone and everything. Bev made a move on JJ and it seems to have worked.

What do you think of JJ and Bev as a couple?

Chad dumped Abigail, angering Stefano. He may have done it to protect her from a Stefano scheme.

Why do you think Chad is doing this?

Stefano, no longer hiding his return, was harassed by Hope. Stefano laughed and Hope soon learned that all charges were dropped. What does his return to mean for Salem?”

Robert: Good times are coming, rob said proudly.

Zoe, having the hots for Chad and wanting to help him move on from Abigail, made a move on him. What do you think of Choe as a couple?”

Choe reminds me of Chloe,” replied Brady.

Robert: Maybe Chloe will return for the 50th,” Rob said. “Your sister, Belle, is said to be coming.

Always look forward to seeing them both,” went Brady.

Ben knows Chad and Abigail’s whereabouts because of the tracking chip he placed on her but has yet to act on it what will he do with his newfound information.

Brady’s phone rang. “Excuse me for a second.” Rob started noting to himself…

Zander and his accomplice nearly…Rob paused, Nearly killed Nicole and Eric. Nicole and Eric made love. What does this mean for them? What does it say for Daniel and Nicole? Zander was caught by Victor’s men. After some discussion of matters. Zander was let free. Serena was picked up by the Salem P.D. and is trying to offer her assistance in capturing him, to save ric from being attacked again.

Is Serena only looking out for herself or does she really still care for Eric?

John and Paul are getting along well, and so are new brothers Paul and Brady.

What’s going to happen next with Paul, Sonny, and Will, now that Paul is a welcome addition to the family?

Brady came back over and drank his soda.

Brady: Sorry, That was Theresa. She’s ready to move into the mansion.

Robert: Whoa. Victor wont be happy about that.

Brady: I’ll make him see that its for the best

Things are heating up. New writers’ material starts very soon.”

“Cheers,” went Brady holding up his soda.

“Cheers,” Rob responded clinking the glasses together.


Time to turn the hourglass…

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