Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/19/15: Stefano Schemes…As Always!

days pic 06 20This week in Salem: Robert split up from Eric to search for Nicole, after searching on his own for a while he lost contact with Eric as well. Time passed, 7 minutes 7 days. Salem time is always wonky, so he decided on another option. He drove to the Kiriakis mansion, because it was closer to his location than the Dimera Mansion and started banging on the door.


“May I help you ?” said Henderson, who answered the door.

Robert: You can get out of my way. VICTOR!!”

Victor: I got this Henderson. What can I do for you, Robert?

Robert: You can tell me where your psychopathic nephew is before he murders Nicole. and Eric Brady.

Victor: Please sit now. Why should I help you?

Robert: Seriously? You’ll let something happen to Caroline’s grandson?

Victor: No, of course not. But Nicole…she’s…well. Why should I care what happens to her?

Robert: Favor for a favor. I can help you with Clyde Weston.

Victor: Great. Now let me help you with the other reason you are here.”

This week in Salem…

Serena came clean to Daniel about everything. Daniel worried for the safety of his friends. He’s jumping into action. Is there still hope for Daniel and Nicole? Or will Nicole and Eric’s predicament reunite them? Victor was speculating that Theresa will bleed Brady dry. He was assured by Maggie that Brady could handle it. Will Victor and Maggie get involved with Brady?

“And Theresa? Theresa, Nicole, Chloe, Kristen, undercover Ari…my grandson can really pick ‘em, cant he?” Victor shook his head.

Victor warned hope and Rafe to leave Clyde alone. Does he have something planned for Clyde?

When you talk to Stefano, please have him call me,” Victor asked.

Page continued to separate herself from Eve, JJ, and anyone else that lied to her. Meanwhile Rory and Bev tried to help JJ pick up the pieces and move on, possibly with Bev. Can you see Bev and JJ as a couple?

Kids today all need to be neutered,”mumbled Victor.

Afterwards, Chad told Abigail to take a hike, breaking her heart, angering Stefano, and sending her back to Ben. Why did chad do what he did, and why does Stefano care so much?

I’m sure Stefano’s heart is in the right place. It always is,” Victor said mockingly.

Robert: Right…thank you, Victor. Now I’ve got to get back out there.

Victor: Not to worry, Robert. I will make sure Nicole and Eric are found.

Robert: Thank you, Victor. Please give my best to Maggie.

Victor: I will.

Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07by Robert Feldmann


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    Comment by Deborah Bolton Kerrigan Through LTAS Facebook page.

    I loved that silent scream that Xander did. And the look of rage on his face gave me chills. He is a good actor. Also felt sorry for him. Victor was a jerk to him.

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