Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/12/15: Abigail, What Have You Done?

Hope begins to suspect Clyde might have been involved in Sonny's stabbing.

Hope begins to suspect Clyde might have been involved in Sonny’s stabbing.

It’s late Friday. Rob is worried that he hasn’t heard from Nicole by phone, text, or email. He decides to go to her house and check on her. On the way he runs into Eric Brady.

Robert: Excuse me—Eric, Eric Brady?

Eric: Yes?

Robert: Remember me? I’m Nicole’s boss. Have you seen her?

Eric: No, I haven’t. Actually, I’m actually also looking for her.

To apologize about Serena?”

Robert: How did..? Never mind. Why—do you think she’s in trouble?

Eric: Yes. She may be with Xander.”

Robert: Come on.” Robert and Eric go off to search for Nicole using Rob’s car

Robert: Hold on. I recognize him.” Rob pulls over, and they talk to one of Nicole’s many informants and get back in the car.

Eric, please read it aloud while I drive.

This Week in Salem…

Eric: Signs of…to early to tell; may be affecting Caroline, which led to a special moment between her and Roman conversing about technology and today’s youth.

Robert: Today’s youth is…have you seen Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader, Eric? Kids today are smart.”

Eric: They certainly are…” Clyde continues to bring Ben into his world convincing him that using some sort of tracking device in Abigail’s phone was the right way to go.

Robert: How much advice from Clyde will Ben take and how far is he willing to go to keep her away from Chad?

Eric: Victor’s mistreatment of Xander continued. Xander demanded answers, comparing himself to Daniel and Brady. He did not get the answers he was looking for.

I tried to tell Nicole that Xander was no good, said Eric.

Robert: Don’t get me started,” replied Rob. What else?

Eric: Kate harassed Abigail about being with two Dimera brothers, conveniently forgetting that Kate was with father and son Dimera spanning multiple decades, and that she encouraged both of her sons at one point to pursue Carrie Brady. And for both to stay away from Sami Brady. SMH.

Robert: Kate’s going to get it one of these days. Sorry, Eric, I almost forgot you were once a man of God.”

Eric: Don’t worry about it…

Clyde’s being in Salem continues to put a wedge between Aiden and Hope, but it seems it may be bringing Rafe and Hope together. Which man do you prefer with Hope?

Robert: Larry Welsch.

Eric: Who?

Robert: Forget it. Please continue.

Abigail slept with Chad.

Robert: Seriously?

Eric: Yup. And it looks like Chad dumped her right afterward. Stefano now back in Salem, wasn’t thrilled with Chad’s treatment of Abigail. Abigail didn’t’ tell Ben. What’s going to happen when Ben finds out?”

Robert: A full-blown turf war, that’s what will happen. Abigail is the modern day Helen of Troy.

Eric: I hope not.

Robert: Wait—back up a little: Stefano is back in town?

Eric: Yes.

Robert: Don’t worry, Eric. I’m sure thanks to Clyde, Ben, Abigail, and Chad, Stefano will have enough on his plate…By the way did Marlena thank Chad for the not-out-the-window incident yet?”

Eric: What window? No, I don’t think she’s seen Chad at all.

Robert: Figures. Anything else?

Eric: Page is…changing. The discovery of her mother, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s family conspiring against her has taken its toll. She even got Theresa involved.

Robert: She’s becoming really fun to watch.

Eric: Fun isn’t the word I’d use.

Rob parks the car.

Robert: Okay, Nicole’s informant says she may be in this area. Eric you go that way I’ll go this way. Here’s my number. I have yours already…Don’t ask how.

Robert and Eric split up to search for Nicole.


Time to turn the hourglass…


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