Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/10/17: Just Sit Right Back and hear a tale part 3

Late Friday night at the Salem Jail  “WALKER, NICOLE on your feet

“what’s going on”

“you’re coming with us”


“You’ve been selected to be a Wife in the Conjugal visit program


“TAKE HER” the police drag Nicole kicking and screaming into the designated area and lock her in the room”
“Have fun” they said laughing while walking away Nicole scans the room its dark all she can see is a queen size bed while hearing something from the kitchen
“Without eating first NEVER” laughed Robert
“I made your Favorite” Robert displayed all the food

This Week In Salem

Abigail asked Commissioner Hero Raines for help into Dario’s deportation case Raines told Abigail Dario story checked out
Could Raines be on the GRD PAYROLL?
Hope not
The Dimera Board doesn’t Trust Andre enough to make him CEO by himself Claiming him unstable
Can’t they see he’s cured sigh
Kate took the opportunity to ask Andre to marry him so they can remain in control until Chad Returns
Is this Couple ready to take off?
“The board wanting Kate back after what she and Sami did… They are the ones unstable Nonsense writing
The Cast away found a Diary written by an eye witness of jungle madness aka what Paul now suffers from ,How Convenient that on a shipwrecked island near Greece they find something written in English
Chad offered some of what he heard about his brother peter when he suffered from it
Was chad even born yet?
How would i know?
John decided to heck with the ISA and went off after Paul
Bad Move John
How so
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one  The world needs James Bond John must answer the call
Isn’t he like 75 he’s done enough MMMM this is really good
Did you make this or Blanca?
Stop that
The Salem version of INS is looking into Dario will Abigail and Dario be able to pull this off
Doubt it
After only maybe two days the cast always are falling apart
Sonny Doesn’t like the way Paul is playing with knives
Gabi found Chads amulet Hiding place
Paul Knocked Gabi in the head with a Rock
Eli claimed Paul attacked him Sonny stopped Eli from shooting Paul
I’d be worried about other mosquitos but  I’m sure it was the only one on the island that’s carrying something bad ..See this picture. How do they not see him ?
“Is he one of yours ?”
lani put it all together the mosquito the bite Paul jungle madness they are all in danger
Bravo Lani they have at least 13 bullets between super cop and Eli this shouldn’t be a problem just have to isolate Sonny
Will they be rescued before it turns into Lord of the Flies?
Justin Got the Greek FAA to look for the plane
How long until they are found ?
Valerie called truce with Julie to pray for Eli
Will the truce implode before they are all home?
After a laptop snafu because everyone in Salem uses the same make model and color Claire found the video jade made of her and Theo and was..Less than thrilled and let jade have it
Where do you see this going.. Will it break up Theo and Claire will it raise Claire to the fame she was after ..or both is she willing to lose Theo to gain that fame ?
Back on the island
Eli says he will stop Paul before he hurts anyone else
FBI man is on the job. What about Supercop and his role in neutralizing Paul?
They found fresh water, sonny came up with an anti-mosquito concoction  and Chad and Gabi FINALLY GOT TOGETHER
Aww they are going to have a baby now
DONT EVEN you know this ends in July
Speaking of ending would you mind if i threatened or blackmailed Chloe to make this all stop
Don’t..Chloe if she…she needs to do that herself, Brady is he???
He’s getting better as far as i know” Nicole finished her food
That was delicious
Glad you liked it..Can we “conjugal” Now
“How about if i let you hold me i won’t tell Blanca”
“Sigh okay” Robert wrapped his arms around Nicole
“Nicole i want you to be my best man”
“If i ever get out of here, sure”
Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann



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