Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/05/15: I’d Lie Again Just to Keep You

Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical.

Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical.

This Week in Salem

Robert is sitting in his office. He turns on the TV. “Tennis? NOW? How many all-sports networks does this cable…” He stops ranting to himself when he sees Nicole approaching. He turns off the TV.

Robert: Nicole,  he says.

Nicole: Something wrong, Robert?

Robert: Yes there is. You let a Kirakis goon into the building. Remember our company policy on Kirakis goons running around here.

Nicole: Xander is not aKirakis goon…at least I don’t think he is…Anyway. what does it matter?

Robert: What matters is you almost did it on your desk. The desk I bought you. The desk we…you’re right. I’m sorry. Anyway, what’s up?

Nicole: Have the recaps?

Robert: Recaps? It’s only Wednesday.

Nicole: No. It’s Friday?

Robert: Friday? Okay, what do you have for me?

Nicole: Salem said Goodbye to Melanie this week. She left to avoid Theresa’s making her and Brady’s life more miserable than she already makes it. Do you think that this will work out best for the baby?

Robert: Sadly I think that idiot, Brady will fall in love with Theresa.

Nicole: Hey, Brady is not…he better not.

Robert: Next.

Nicole: Will said he wants to fix his marriage with Sonny but avoided couples counseling, sabotaging “Hour of Honesty Chat” and continues to blame everything on Paul. Can Will move on from knowledge of
‘s past and make their future work?

Robert: Hour of Honesty Chat?

Nicole: Yup.

 Robert:  SMH. They are both men right?

Nicole: Don’t go there. People get too easily offended.

Robert: Right. My apologies. Will should give the couples counseling a chance it can work.

Nicole: As long as they don’t go to Marlena!”

Robert: Nailed it.

What else can Will do to screw up his marriage to Sonny?

Nicole: XAnder began turning into a ticking time bomb with Serena growing more mentally unstable by the minute. Things seemed to coming to a head. How will this all play out?

Robert: Please be careful of him.

Nicole: I will. JJ and Page JJ tried once again…”

Robert: Hold that thought, Nicole.


Robert: If someone said this to you, and I quote, “I’d lie again just to keep you. Was crazy in love with you and I still am. I’d do anything to keep you in my life. Crazy kind of love is the only love I know. Can’t go on without you,” how would you react to that?

Nicole: I’d run the other way and not look back. How did you know that’s what JJ said to Paige

Robert: Abigail told chad, Chad told Stefano, Stefano told me.

Nicole: Of course. Anyway, that’s it this week.

Robert: Wish we had the power to always have five shows per week.

Nicole: Why don’t you have Stefano fix that?

Robert: Even he’s not that powerful, Nicole. Let’s go to lunch.


Time to turn the hourglass…

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By Robert Feldmann


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