Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/02/17: Just sit right back and here a tale pt 2

A really mad yet worried Robert was making his way towards the room where Nicole was typically he ran into Chloe first

“ILL SCREAM” she said trying to warn him off

“Relax Chloe i realized that my anger towards you was misplaced”

“Well good” Chloe started to move again

“oh Chloe just a head up tmwr in the paper/tv/radio ect ect i decided to run unedited stories about that time you became a prostitute for those in Salem who may have forgotten. Have a nice day” Rob walked away not caring whether she believed him or not” he saw Nicole and entered the room “EVERYBODY OUT” the cops left

“ROBERT” went Nicole breathing a sigh of relief”

“SO. Canada or Greece which is the better vacation spot  “went Rob trying to levy the situation
This week in Salem


Damos was released from police custody Maggie, Chloe and Justin all took turns yelling at him Justin informed him he was out at Titan”

Damos naturally vowed to fight back”

“What extremes will Damos go to? Will Victor go to the same extremes to protect those he loves?”

Jennifer and Adriane found out that their loan from the bank to buy the spectator was bought by snow globe corporation they started looking into its owner Sebastian Hayward who demanded the paper in place of the loan ?”

Since when does a Horton need to take out a loan?

Adriane told Lucas she was “READY” to go with him “Lucas still wants to take it easy

“Holly. More specifically Holly’s heartbeat Saved Brady Daniel heart” Chloe called the cops and had her arrested”

“sigh Nicole this is going to be a tough one to get out of”

“”Is this how Ari leaves the show”

“Not if they want me to keep watching it isn’t”

Marlena told Chloe to cut the crap and make all the charges go away

Will Chloe start listening to reason

I’m afraid not Chloe is Gone gone gone. Speaking of which do you know that since this all started Salem Liquor store sales have more than doubled”

Did you tell them all what happened in Greece?”


Did you sugarcoat everything so half of this is all over?”

“Obviously not”

sigh sometimes i miss the Nicole that would lie her ass off”

Gabi found Chads (cursed “amulet Chad tried to explain that everything that was happening was happening for a reason

The other castaways freaked out when they found a skull”

Can this really mean danger for the castaways or are they just being paranoid

Skull could be a decade old who knows?

Hope and Rafe told victor about the plane crash victor said he would get his people on it

How long will it take to find the castaways?”

“shouldn’t be that long limited number of islands ect ect”

“I bet you know where they are?”

“As a matter a fact i do”


“Dr Rolf told me?”

“Wait WHAT ?


Damos is the kingpin behind the Halo drug operation where you surprised by this revelation?”

“Did damos wipe out Jeremiah and the popular bluff drug operation to corner the market?

“Nobody remembers that”


Sonny Corleone Kirakis apologized to Paul and vowed to be a better boyfriend

Good i like those two”

Rumors are circulating that Will Horton will be returning from the dead ”

Well so much for those two

Are you excited for Will’s return?

that’s why you brought up dr rolf wasn’t it

“nah lol”

Claire and Theo arranged a special get together at a hotel Jade honestly thinking she was helping out and being a good friend because of past conversations with Claire

Had it recorded”

“Doesn’t make sense?

“Of course what jade did was messed up even if her intentions were innocent”

“Not that. Are Claire and Theo going to have to go to a hotel every time they do it ..might as well move back home can’t they just put a tie on the door ?”

Paul was bitten by a local bug…will he get sick? Will it trigger Yo Lings programing or will he just walk it off”

“someone’s in for a bad time i think”

Eli told Gabi he was okay with Her and Chad and that they did nothing wrong Gabi apologized that she couldn’t stay away from him  shortly after that her and chad started rolling around in the sand

“aww like in “from Here to Eternity”


Is this love for real OR are they both feeling the effects of Chad’s cursed amulet”

“nah there love is real and they will have many babies”

“Stop it”

“That’s about it”

“Not quite” rob leaned over and Kissed Nicole “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

“aw you remembered. Thank you, talk about timing huh lol”

“”Hopefully when you’re out we can celebrate OH speaking about celebrating i need to tell you about me and Blanca”
Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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