Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/29/19:Soul Sucking Wedding Fire Traps

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Do you really think she said @#$#@$#@ 

It sounded like it 

Sigh well she didn’t she said Soul sucking like a Special kind of Vampire 

Ohhhh yeah that makes more sense 

“sigh meeting over go home ” Bob pulled out his phone and dialed Kristen he got voicemail “Kristen just a heads up that Nicole not showing up here on Fridays is becoming suspicious” Bob hangs up the phone when Jennifer walks in “well this should be good ??”

This week in Salem 

Rex wants him and Sarah to help Eric win back Nicole. Eric is like NO THANK YOU

“Will whatever Rex comes up with help expose Kristen ?”

Kate continues to worm her way into Victors inner circle”

How far is Kate going to go ?”

“Mars if we are lucky 

Sami got into Nicole/Kristen’s face and started being herself Kristen smacked her Sami smacked her right back

CATFIGHT…opps sorry 

Lucas and Brady broke it up but Sámi noticed something was off with Nicole’s face 

Well Sami’s smacked enough faces she would know 

Is Sami going to be around long enough to figure this out? 

Not sure 

Ted figured out that Nicole and Xander were partners so Xander decided he had to go 

Kate for..smh is snooping around Kristen/Nicole’s room and found the dress that Maggie said she saw Kristen wearing 

That woman needs …… there are no words anymore 

Then Kristen knocked her out 


Is this the end for Kate?

Can’t get that lucky 

Eve and Jack discussed Justin for DA 

Horrible choice 

He refused it anyway 


Xander is into the giving gifts because i find you so special phase of courting Sarah but when he ran it by Maggie. Maggie said thanks to Rex it was a bad idea 

Xander was crushed 

Poor guy 

wasn’t there another Maggie egg out there could zander be another Daniel 

Nah that was like three writing teams ago 

He passed it off as a wedding gift i think. Then lied to Kristen telling her he killed Ted 

LOL Xander is all over the place with this good/bad thing 

Can you feel Xanders inner struggle?

I can indeed 

Kate overheard Xander tell Kristen he killed Ted and dialed 911 Eve found out about it and buried the call telling Eli to ignore it she then told Xander and told him to “forget everything”

He agreed 

THAT @#$@#$  @#$@#$ 

Jennifer we are not allowed to print those words here..but you’re not wrong 

Will Eli disobey orders and look into the call 

It’s not hard to do if you’re in Eli’s position 

Kayla refused to give Jack the serum despite it saving Will but she pointed him in the direction of the diary 

After some mocking and bantering Eill gave Jack Rolfs diary it didn’t win him any points with JJ though 

Will the serums working fix the Deveoux family ?

will Jack be able to make his own serum


You think so 

Its easy Jennifer i have gallons of the stuff for tragedies and emergencies used it on Peter once. Remember Peter 

Of course i do

opps bringing up bad memories my bad where were we as yes   Kristen knocked out Kate 


I thought you and Kate were good 

She’s making bad decisions lately 

She always makes bad decisions 

Look at us agreeing on something “Jennifer giggled anyway Kristen told Xander to “get rid of her” she instead of doing that he stashed her with Ted but he texted Kristen and told her she was dead 

OPPS  Xander this may not end up well for you 

What will happen to Xander when this blows up? 

I hope he will FINALLY be accepted into the group 

Stefan wants to fire Nicole for not showing up for work  Abe stood up for her and told stefan a little of his history with Nicole and her family it worked for now 

Do you agree with Stefan or Abe on the firing ?

Claire was woken up by the smoke alarm she ran into the living room and caught semi naked Tripp and Ciara under a blanket on the couch 



The couch ? 


When they each have their own bedroom 

Your no stranger to passion Bob 

Fair enough 

Claire lost it she is over the rainbow gone meanwhile Ben told Marlena what they were doing to her Granddaughter and they ran over to the Soras House 

They entered to see that Claire had beaten the heck out of Tripp and she may have had a knife to his throat 

ROTFLMAO Tripp got beaten up by a girl  LOL LOL LOL thats just too funny 

Are you finished 

LOL..wait ..NO ROTFLMAO LOL LOL ..There all out of my system LOL i cannot wait till Monday 

Poor Claire i hope she gets the same prescription as Ben then it will all be no harm no foul 

Will it be no harm no foul with Claire?

Don’t see why not well this has been “different” Jennifer care to join me and Blanca for diner i can catch you up on everything Frankie he mentioned you when i held him captive last week 

You what 


Time to Turn the Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

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