Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-22-18: No Mommy i Hate you

Bob and Blanca are visiting Theresa and JJ

Robert Blanca this is a pleasant surprise”

Thanks Theresa its Bob now

Sure Bob??? What brings you by

I missed you and wanted to see you/welcome you back and i thought that Maybe Blanca could help you explain Mateo to Brady to help get  through to his stupid head

“ill take all the help I  can get ?” Theresa welcomed with a smile

This Week in Salem

Ciara told Ben why she left Ben told her to let the anger go

Easier said than done

Hope and Rafe using the last know cell phone signal found Ciara’s motorcycle and Helmet Hope again blamed herself by letting her ride the bike

How far away were the cabin and the accident will they remember the cabin is nearby?

Not that far but i have to add that This would not have happened if Hope let Ciara drive the mustang Bo gave Ciara..So she can definitely blame herself for this



After taking a serum injection Will had a memory and wants more Marlena told him the hospital is going to destroy the rest prompting Will to steal another vial

SMH the hospital would have been funny if Will got caught

Lani agreed to a C section to deliver the baby as all her family gathered at the hospital Eric led a prayer but sadly the baby didn’t make it.

That’s very sad

Were you angry the writers did this ?

Saw this coming months ago So YES

Hope yelled at Tripp then apologized

Don’t forgive her Tripp lol

Will and Paul continued to investigate Leo and offered their help to sonny with the lawsuit

Big Mistake Paul,  Sonny is after your boyfriend

He’s. Oh wait he is your right

Ciara called Hope told her she was alright and that someone is helping her but gave no other information which naturally freaked out Hope even more

Relax Hope it’s not like She was found by a serial killer or anything ..OH WAIT ROTFLMAO

Leo’s lawyer (Ted) rejected Justin’s settlement offer because it was a sign they would win


Kate and Kayla discussed the stubbornness of men. Leo told Kate that Justin thinks Vivian is behind everything that made her smile Ted tried to kiss Kate and she slapped him


He agreed to keep things professional for now.

Do Kate and Ted make a good couple?

He’s not evil enough. At least not yet

Steve ran into Stefan and reiterated that he would rather be blind then gets help from Stefan/Dimera anything

SMH Steve after all they did for you  LOL

Kayla continued to go behind Steve’s back to help him

When will Steve find out what Kayla is up to ?

Chad offered himself to be CEO of titan


Victor is going to take him up on his offer

Why would victor do this ?

Too teach his sons a lesson and to get a laugh out of Stefano rolling over in his(not officially dead as far as some are concerned)  grave

Gabi’s reunion with Ari didn’t go well Ari screamed she hated mommy and didn’t want to be hugged

That had to hurt Hopefully Ari will come around.

Kate is trying to get Chad to fight her battles against …everyone she even tried to seduce Chad with Stefano’s ring

LOL THE PRECIOUS MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS..Too bad it’s not the real one heh heh heh

Theresa is suing Brady for Custody of Tate

FINALLY !! Good for you Theresa Brady doesn’t stand a chance let me testify on your behalf i will testify to Brady’s mental incompetence

How do you see the lawsuit playing out?

Stefan was talking to Stefano’s portrait about he is going to get things back to the way they use to be


STOP IT.. Blanca snapped at him

Then Gabi walked in

OH BOY Monday things are going to explode

After a brief discussion Eli went to see Lani and told her that the baby WAS a boy

Hearing WAS broke Lani down in tears
poor Lani
where does Lani (and Eli ?) go from here
after a moment of silence between Bob, Blanca, Theresa and JJ Bob offered to pay for diner so they ordered in

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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