Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/21/19: Once I let you in my heart, I never let you go ” Caroline Brady


At the Brady Pub 

Your mother was a fine woman Roman, Kayla,…i miss her already 

“Thank you Bob”

“I remember the first time i bought fish from her at the market we would talk about anything and everything, one day Roman you walked into the market after work and it looked like you had a really bad day, we started talking about you, and you Kayla, and Kimberly ,Bo(RIP) of course as well i remember how happy she was when the adoptions of Frankie and Max were finalized, she pulled you in and made you want to be a part of your family !

“That was mom” went Kayla raising her glass Roman and Bob did the same

“Bob did you share what mom told you about us with Stefano” 

“Roman. How could you think that about me……of course i did? But it all worked out in the end right 

This Week In Salem 

Will is still dying Gabi and Ari went to visit him in the hospital Will and Sonny Re married 

Were you happy about the nuptials?”


Nicole/Kristen was able to keep Ted hidden from visitors Abe and Stefan 

Abe accepted Stefan’s job offer 

Why does Abe need a job certainly he can retire if he wants to 

Take it from me Bob Retirement can be paralyzing”

“In Salem Roman i agree, how will this job work out for Abe”

“It depends on Stefan Speaking of Stefan him and Gabi are making Nice i think a new romance is underway 

Will Gabi be able to settle down and change her reputation? 


Tripp and Ciara finally realize just how gone Claire is 


How will they handle this news? 

well they should start by calling Marlena 

Sami showed up ran into Lucas and naturally started screaming for someone to do anything as Will took Yet Another Turn for the worse 


Will went into the light and saw Caroline who told him it wasn’t his time yet 

“Will saw Ma” sobbed Kayla” 

if you believe that sort of thing AND I DO” yes right after that is when you got the call from Kimberly Roman” Roman started to get emotional Kayla and bob put their hands on his shoulder 

Kayla invited Victor to the wake he refused to go .very sad he pulled out an old photo of her and started to reminisce  

Shawn and Carrie showed up for the funeral

Did you like seeing them even if was for this sad occasion 

“It was great they could show up unlike some of the others”

“About that Bob i talked to Frankie yesterday and…

“Moving on”

Hope noticed Ted wasn’t hovering around her lately 


Is this a sign that Hope and Ted have a future? 

I hope so Ted is going through allot of Crap for her 

Hope went to see Victor to help him Mourn Caroline 

Were you touched by the Hope and Victor Scenes? 

Me no but I’ll save that for another time it seemed to work for all involved 

Victor mourned the loss of the love of his life 

Will this make him make things right with Maggie? 

I can only hope so before it’s too late 

Towards the end of their wake. Shawn and Caroline’s ghosts was scene outside the pub 

That had me crying 

Speaking of crying..It was reported that some flashbacks were written in, but were cut by the editing department 

Cut by the editing department?????


Just who is in charge of what really happens on screen, Cut by the editing dept. SMDH 

I know right GMAB ..Were you disappointed by the lack of flashbacks? 

Sami jumped for joy and did the happy dance when Eric told her him and Nicole were over 

Rex and Sarah discussed the wedding 

Why wasn’t Rex there for his father and grandmother ??

I don’t think they count Rex as family anymore wonder if they told Cassie ?

Cassie  OMG we forgot to tell Cassie ?

Knew it 

Kristen Wants Xander to kill ted Ted doesn’t want to 

Xanders heart is warming he’s becoming one of the good guys 

Xander a good guy i don’t see that Bob 

Roman your Niece is dating a Serial Killer and you’re not on Team Xander Shame on you 

Point taken 

Hope went looking for Ted and ran into Kirsten/Nicole who talked her way out of it, Sami found Kristen/Nicole and was of course Sami 

More pot kettle so many people did the same thing to her did she listen or change ?


Eve is trying to frame  Ben for anything 

Tripp and Ciara trying to come up with a plan to get Claire are finally seeing how Unglued Claire really has become 

Claire is fun sad that she’s leaving 

Will Tripp and Ciara’s plan work ? 

Not in the way they hope I’m sure 

Xander arrived at wherever Ted was Ted was relieved until he saw Xanders gun 

And the credits rolled 

Will Xander shoot Ted?


What was your favorite Caroline Moment? what did you think of the shows tribute ?

BO DONT SHOOT HIM HE’S YOUR FATHER..I’ll never forget that 

Another toast” went Kayla 

Another Toast went Bob 

Time to turn the hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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