Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-14-18: Be on your Guards

John and Marlena left their house to go meet Bob and Blanca for diner when outside they witness chaos in the streets clearly a riot had broken out they were approached by Vipers who started shouting all sorts of nasty things ,John trying to protect Marlena positioned himself in front of her cutting her directly off from the Thugs one of them threw a punch that John blocked and countered before anything else could happen Bob drove in between them and the vipers   men then got out of the car and attacked the vipers

GET IN Bob called out John and Marlena got in the car Blanca was in the front seat

WE GOT THIS BOSS Marco called out so Bob drove off

What’s going on asked a worried Marlena looking around at the Chaos

Hope sent every single officer off to look for Ciara eventually the wrong people figured out there were no cops anywhere and now the Streets are full of Rioters

Oh Dear Went Marlena

I know right she’s unbelievable


This week in Salem


Jennifer and Eric shared their disdain over Theresa and JJ living together

Do you agree with them or could you see JJ and Theresa becoming a real couple?

No comment

Zander again failed to get into Victors good graces

What’s it going to take for Zander ? Is Victor being unreasonable?

Theresa vowed to use some things she learned from Mateo to get Brady back Victor trying to calm her down said he had a better idea ?

What could Victors idea be ?

Will and Paul discussed Ben’s so called Redemption  Paul is still worried about will regaining his memory Will still insists it’s worth the risks

Won’t be long now

Sonny thinks Will regaining his memories will make him come running back to him

Arrogant possessive desperate Loser ..He doesn’t deserve Will

Not much progress on his lawsuit this week

Zander broke into victors safe saw something marked Nicole and took it

Sonny caught him and tried to get him to give it back

LOL it would have been funny if sonny tried to take it from him

What did Zander Find

I bet i know snapped Blanca

let’s not get hasty now went Bob

Theresa was given Bella magazine and tried to use it to regain Brady it didn’t work

What will Theresa’s next move be?

Despite her reservations Marlena Injected Will with Dr Rolf’s Formula

Wouldn’t it be funny if Will becomes a Gangster like you did John?

No Bob i don’t think so

Aw Come on New John was Hilarious lol

Zander listened to the tape of Brady accusing Nicole of killing Damos

WHICH SHE DIDNT DO @#$@#$ lousy Halo induced Re Writes


Blanca Be Nice

I remember sending Brady a fruit basket for that  LOL

Eric decided he had the authority to tell Zander to leave town

Please tell me Zander kicked his Ass

No but he did mock him for not knowing the real reason Nicole left down then he left

Did you like seeing Zander in a Suite
Will you Miss Zander will we ever see him again

I Hope so

Ciara’s missing is now known widespread Tripp told Hope what happened with them before she left

Ciara woke up in the cabin where Abigail gave birth to Thomas she saw Ben and Screamed


I don’t think he will hurt her Bob

Marlena why were you this forgiving when Andre was Pretending to be a Serial killer

Oh i don’t know maybe because he framed my husband

ROTFLMAO Great Times

Eric told Theresa they were blood and he would help her with Brady

Brady told Eric that he simply moved on and was now in love with someone else

Just like you Roman and John right Marlena

Not exactly the same thing Bob

Will Eric’s advice benefit Theresa?

Theresa told JJ what she had planned for Brady JJ warned her it didn’t work

Theresa and JJ ??????

Why not better than Brady what does she see in him Sigh ,sorry john

My son. Doesn’t make the best choices


That includes Nicole Mocked Blanca

ha ha ha

Theresa’s laid it all out for Brady make love to her  to get Bella back and if he can’t feel anything for he she would give up

Eve realized Theresa wasn’t going to go away quietly

What are your thoughts on Theresa’s Plan?

Its genius at the very least Brady gets a freebie then he can tell Eve he did it for them .Blanca Slapped his shoulder


Rafe heard Julie bad mouth Gabi again he let it go and told her that he thinks he and hope have a solid chance


Hope frustrated that she couldn’t hack Ciara’s phone told Eli and the rest of the Salem pd to stop whatever they were doing and find her daughter

Where you shocked by this obvious abuse of power

No..Commissioner has gotten to the murderers  head she’s uncontrollable

Eli wasn’t happy but he towed the line


Ben promised Ciara he wouldn’t hurt her

Poor Ciara i hope the suffering doesn’t last long

Brady rejected Theresa’s plan and told Eve who called her a slut

Was that a fair thing to say

NO not in this case will anyone ever consider what Theresa really went through with Mateo she stormed out saying This Is War!

They refuse to see the big picture

Eve told Brady they didn’t need Bella magazine anymore she made a deal for her and Brady to run Gabi chic for Stefan

Were you thrown by this latest twist?


Lani experienced cramps is the baby in danger?

Hope not

Ben had some wendy flashbacks before using some first aid tactics tending to Ciara’s leg he told her he had to run out for supplies

She asked him not to leave

Ben and Ciara can you see them as a couple

Not sure I still think he will snap and try and kill her

OH I KNOW Hope shows up declares Ben’s words and denials Goaded her and she shoots him

Will they find Ben before they find Ciara ?

Nah they will find Ciara’s lifeless corpse in Ben’s arms

I don’t think so bob
They arrived at their destination “okay it doesn’t look like the riot has come this far uptown

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann




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