Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-08-18: in Salem nobody goes to prison for murder?

Bob i can tell your angry stop pacing across the floor have a glass of water and sit down” he did so

Now take a deep breath and tell me what’s wrong.

Blanca found out about Robert and Nicole she thought it was me i told her the truth and now she’s not sure what to believe

You told her the truth

I had to

And did she believe you?

I was able to convince her to see things my way..For now

So what’s the problem

I’m sure it was Kate trying to punish me for telling her to get lost

Oh dear

This week in Salem

JJ and Hope shared their displeasure’s of Ben’s being released

Do you agree with JJ and Hope?

After some harmless flirting Xander told Eve that Theresa was allot like him

Could you see Theresa and Xander?

After Refusing Theresa’s demanding to see Tate Brady threw what Theresa did to Melanie in her face

Theresa responded that she would not give up

Kayla convinced Ciara to tell Tripp about Chase she walked in on Tripp and Claire who..Almost did the deed but didn’t Ciara was reluctant to believe them

Would you believe Tripp and Claire ?

Ciara not know what to believe Drove off on her motorcycle she eventually crashed it

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there Do not Drive when you are Angry or upset Road Rage is a real thing.

Ciara crashed Said motorcycle

Let this be another lesson to all the parents out there, let them drive the car their father gave them this would not have happened while wearing her seatbelt in Bo’s car.

Will Ciara be okay? Will Hope now give her the keys to the 65 mustang?

Leo continued his lawsuit against Sonny Justin told Sonny things don’t look good

What’s more to believe here the solidness of Leo’s case OR Justin being a lousy lawyer

Victor defended Theresa’s leaving Chloe behind to Maggie. Maggie wasn’t buying it he told Brady to grow up


Brady finally moved out of the house

CONGRATULATIONS Brady long overdue …Moocher

Theresa is staying with JJ they are re bonding

Do you remember when they almost made love and what happened afterwards?

Tripp while getting ready to search for Ciara ran into Steve who was having issued with Broken glass due to his obvious blindness Steve convinced Tripp not to go looking for her Space is what she needed

Was this the right thing to do?

Yes. In this case

Steve also told Tripp that it would be better for him and his entire family if they all stayed Far away from the Dimera’s.

That includes Chad right lol ?

Stefan pointed a gun at Kate you interrupted them and told Marlena that it was Salem he wouldn’t go to prison for murder

He’s got a point there

That’s not true bob there are many cases where. (bob cut her off)

Name 3 LOL  Marlena paused Bob laughed again

Chad caught Ben trying to make amends with Will Chad thinking he’s a tough guy SMH gave Chad some money and drove him out of town

Do you remember making amends when you killed all those people Marlena


I know i know i just miss Andre

Kayla agreed to help Stefan get revenge on Kate for his helping of Steve with his Vision

This sounds like a blast

Are you looking forward to this story?

I am still don’t know whose side i should be on

Bob be on my side please

Will you help me with Blanca?

Of course

Ben found Ciara laying on the road he took her and her cellphone away

Oh Dear

Will Ben Kill Ciara

I don’t. I can’t be certain

That’s about it

can’t wait until Monday

Wait two more tid bits

STEVE IS OUT AT DAYS Stephan Johnson has decided not to renew his contract he was unhappy with his lack of time on the show

PAUL IS OUT AT DAYS Christopher Sean has decided not to renew his contract to pursue other projects

Thao Penglis May be back not many details there yet

And the big one Ari Zucker is RETURNING TO SALEM but not sure on how long

Don’t worry Marlena it’s not the real Nicole it’s a left over clone

Bob, Bob, bob what am i going to do with you


Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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