Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/02/19: El Erotic o

Stefan shocked at Gabi’s order to vacate gave her a look and left the room just then Bob walked in applauding slowly 

“Congratulations Gabi good job”

“What are you doing here?”

Mr. Chin told us he would be here and Gabi this may be your house for now… But Stay out of my room 

Gabi shook that off “we’ll Chins gone for now  so go away”

Gabi are you still mad that i blamed you for killing Andre even after Abigail’s alters were revealed 



This week in Salem 

Jack couldn’t stop Eve from destroying the vials of serum demanded a divorce and fired her as commissioner 

Was it everything you were waiting for?

Dr Shaw dumped Jennifer 

ROTFLMAO that’s too funny 

Jennifer claimed she wasn’t ready to move on 

She moved on with Daniel ….whatever 

Brady gave Xander the wrestling mask back Xander aka El Erotic o was happy to get it back 

Did El Erotic o make you burst out laughing? 


After being startled by the wrestling mask Kristen told Tony why she was pretending to be Nicole and why they need to marry to control Dimera 

Tony refused citing Anna as the love of his life 

Will Kristen now target Anna 

Probably if she shows up 

“Nicole” got Brady up to speed. Brady on her marrying Tony’s idea 

Just how far is Brady going to go along with this 

Kirakis would love to absorb Dimera so i think he’s all in 

Rafe told Gabi to be weary of Stefan 

Ben and Ciara told Stefan to be wary of Gabi 

Ted saw Chloe with the necklace he bribed Xander with and got it back ..He wasn’t very nice about it 

Could Ted have handled that better ?

Will went on another Anti Ted rant with Hope 

SMH let it go Will.  Will needs to have someone whose life Sami ruined come after him to get a taste of his own medicine 

That would be cool 

Gabi Stefan and Abe wondered which Dimera Nicole would get to marry her,  Abe noted that Stefano could still be out there somewhere and he also insisted Nicole  wouldn’t hurt  Brandon and Theo wasn’t an option 

Gabi tried to rush the ceremony 

Tony told Brady how Nicole saved him and he saw Kristen die in the process  Brady told Tony about Stefano and Vivian having Stefan, Tony laughed it off to allot of Straga 

Italian wines some i hear are pretty good?

Both weddings Tony &Nicole, Gabi & Stefan happened at almost the exact same time which wedding was more memorable 

Tony and Nicole ran into Eric Tony told Eric to move on once and for all 

Mr. Chin arrived and suspended Stefan over these kidnapping charges 

Would Mr. Chin have the guts to do this to Stefano or EJ or the real Andre for that matter? 

NO maybe and doubt it 

Gabi told Chin that she was a Dimera now and how she great she would be as CEO 

How did you know about this it just happened? 

I know everything Gabi i have eyes and ears everywhere 

Tony and Nicole showed up and Now Mr. Chin has to choose which Mr. and Mrs would be better as CEO’s 

Chin Chose Gabi but told her that she could not fire Nicole they couldn’t loose basic black 

LOL that had to hurt 

Did you have something to do with that Bob i know how close you and Nicole Are? 

I may have suggested it yes..LOL  

Hope used a date as an excuse to Search Teds house 

Poor Hope still thinks she’s a cop she really needs Professional help

Xander had some fun with Kate noting the how’s and whys on how Both Stefan and Kristen could be out to get her 

LOL hope Kate gets it good someday 

Who would get Kate First? 

Eric and Sarah blal blah blah Rex blamed Eric for ruining his marriage 



Not Noel or Mimi but Eric??? Sure why not 

This is what happens when Doctors can’t be bothered to get their own place 

Later that night Gabi got her revenge on Stefan by kicking him out of the house 

LOL aww Gabi how could you do that you love him 

No i don’t can leave now wait for Chin in your room 

Gabi later on I’ll give you the grand tour of this place and show you all the rooms that. You don’t even know exist ..including the tunnel that takes you directly to the spot where you had Andrew stash Melanie 

Go upstairs 


Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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