Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/17: Sasquatch returns

Worried that she hadn’t heard from Rob in a while Marlena went to see him at work she ran into Sonny and Paul who were also there to see him they exchanged hellos when Bart came over

“Bart, nice to see you. Is Robert here ?

“he asked me to come over said he had something to help with Damos ?” offered Sonny

“Marlena. Sonny. Paul ..good to see you all.. Roberts. Not here. please come into his office” they enter his office and sat down

“long story short to prove to Blanca that he wasn’t going to run off to Canada to “help” Nicole he took Blanca to Bermuda ?”

“does it have anything to do with Project Pawn?” marlena asked Bart

“no..not at all, and please dont make me go into details about that”

and Sonny ,Robert says this will help you with Damos “bart gave Sonny a long box wrapped in concealable paper

what is it ? paul asked while Sonny tried to balance it

“A Sniper Rifle. Best one ever made according to him” Marlena and Paul stared at Bart while Sonny looked at the box, then at Bart


This week in Salem

Abigail rejected Chad because 100 percent of his heart wasnt his

SMH Kate Mansi former Abigail Won an Emmy for her performance as Abigail it was well deserved were you surprised or was there no doubt?

Eli intervened in a damos/Gabi confrontation and it looks like Gaby is ready to move forward with him

Will Julie Destroy them or will it backfire like it always does ?

big shocker Theo is Wyatts Cyrano de bererac and is jealous of his/wyatts progress

why is theo doing this If Wyatt really likes Ciara and is just looking for some help He is the one that gets hurt

Brady and Nicole are consummating Robert was happy but apparently not happy enough for Blanca aka Bermuda

Paul asked Sonny to move in with him

How did Robert know that ?

“some other time Paul” went marlena

“lt Hero Raines gave Supercop and Lani a missing persons case which lead to Lani posing as a hooker and being drugged by a man name snake

how long until Super cop takes Snake down or will snake be the middleman to a bigger operation, they identified the drug calling it Halo side effects are erratic behavior and amnesia

Damos ignored Victors warning to leave Brady out his plans A Kirakis goon found Brady and Nicole’s location Victor also told Sonny to be patient someday Titan would be his


Thanks Sonny replied

Chad asked Lucas to help with Countess Whilemnia being hacked

Did you think about Billy Reed when hearing countess W being mentioned

Kate told chad she found away to make back some lost money .but some of it wasnt ..up and up and of Course Abigail overheard it and slammed them both

She really loves to nag doesn’t she…Robert says she gets that from her mom LOl went bart

Joey isn’t happy about Jade moving in with Tripp

SMH he dumped her and kicked her out she has no say

Steve continues to try and keep Tripp from going down Vitali road

Kayla warned Jaded about messing with joey again Totally forgettting that Jade could Blab about Joey’s Murdering Ava

SMH kaya is unbelievable

what would you do if you were Jade

Tripp is pondering medical school

Brilliant Career choice though it is a bit harder than being a cop it may take more than a day to get through school

Abigail and Gabi discussed Chad.

When is Abigail going to cut the Crap

Jade moved out of the Soras house..but still thinks Joey will love her again

ah to be a teen when will jade see that she is better off without him speaking of better off After almost slipping up about murderous joey Jade defended the Johnsons to Tripp

see Jades not so bad after all

A masked Sasquatch broke into Nicole and Brady’s house shot Brady and grabbed Holly

Sasquatch turned out to be Zander
Did Damos send Zander

Will Brady die will Nicole have to choose between Brady and Tate or holly?

yup that’s when rob left

he’ll be back went marlena..Could you both wait outside for a minute” sonny and paul said goodbye to Bart..Sonny not wanting to be rude maybe took the rifle with him,when they were out of earshot

Bart tell me about Project Pawn and remember you OWE ME

uh oh ..went bart



time to turn the hourglass

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