Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15: Goodbye Melanie wish your stay was longer

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

It was a nice day. Rob decided to take a walk and meet up with Nicole for the recaps when he ran into Kimberly Brady Donovan.

“Kelly,” Rob said softly so nobody could overhear, “Wow! You look great. It’s been what 30 years, give or take.”

Kimberly: I’m sorry. You have my confused with someone else.

Robert: That’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry myself. I just got lost in the past for a second you really do look great though.

Kimberley: Thanks. Well, okay then I guess goodbye.

Kimberly walked away not looking back but looking around.

Robert: Goodbye, Kimberly. Say hello to Shane, Roman, and Caroline for me!”

Kimberly turned around and looked at Rob who gave a polite “thank you smile.” She nodded and was gone when rob had his back.

Nicole approached. He heard her and turned around. They sat down.

Hope I didn’t creep her out. I didn’t mean to,” Rob said to himself as Nicole sat down.

Nicole: What was that all about?” asked Nicole, watching Kimberly walking away.

Robert: When Kimberly was an escort…

Nicole: Okay. I get it. Time to move on.

Robert: Come on, Nicole its not too different from how we met!

Nicole: MOVING ON.

Robert: Right—recaps! Sorry. What do you have for me?

Nicole: More fallout from the JJ and Eve revelation. Paige went on a venomous spree possibly saving the best for last, as Jennifer got herself an earful.

Robert: Do you think Paige should give it to Daniel too? And if where does Paige go from here?

Nicole: She should, and I haven’t a clue. Good. Next?

Kimberly Brady Donovan showed up in Salem to see her new grandson and Theresa. She had nothing good to say about Victor, Brady and the Kiriakis name She tried to take Theresa back to California. Theresa then used Kimberly’s emotional state to further manipulate Brady. She also used guilt to get Melanie out of Brady’s life.

What depths will Theresa go to get what she wants, and are you sorry to see Melanie go…again?

Robert: The depths of hell and back again, I’m sure. It boggles the mind to think of how long and how short some of these people stay here.

Nicole: Chad may be making progress with Abigail and finding out what Stefano wants out of their relationship…

Robert: Only good things I’m sure. Chad may be his last chance. Speaking of chances, what kind of influence will Andre be on Chad when he returns this year?”

Nicole: Haven’t a clue. Anyway, BO is also confirmed to be returning later this year.

Robert: Who’s Bo again?

Nicole: Funny. Anyhow who Speaking of Bo, Hope and Aiden look like they are done. Clyde Weston may be in the middle of that, and Rafe may be on the sidelines.

Robert: Aiden or Rafe—who will eventually end up with Hope?

Wish Larry Welsch was coming back.

Nicole: Who ????

Robert: Whatever, moving on.

Nicole: Lucas continued his efforts to crush Kate’s business. Victor, because it amused him, teamed Kate up with Justin to compete against Lucas and Adriane.

Robert: Is it possible that Kate and Justin become a couple?

Nicole: Highly doubt it.

Robert: Anything else what about that elephant business ?

Nicole: Still in limbo, I’m afraid.

Robert: You think that the elephant will be the focus point for the 50th?

Nicole: God, I hope not.

Robert: Come on, now the elephant could be the new prism that everyone tried to get from Stefano?

Nicole: NO, NO, and NO! everyone wants that stupid elephant to be gone.

Robert: Hear, hear.

Come on. Let’s eat.

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    Through LTAS Facebook Melinda Jane Avila:

    Teresa needs to be gone..can’t stand her character..but she is a wonderful actress..hate to see Melanie leave the show..

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