Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/22/15: Brady proposed to Melanie

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

This week in Salem:

Nicole arrives in the office of Robert, her senior editor.

Robert: Hey Nicole! Good to see you. How was your week?

Nicole: Eh. My computer crashed. I lost all my notes on what happened this week.

Robert: And you don’t remember?

Nicole: Don’t judge me.

“Lets go to lunch and see what you can recall.”

(Knock, Knock! Came from the door)

Maggie: Excuse me.

Robert: Mrs. Kirakis! So nice to see you again! What can I do for you?

Maggie: I saw how your advertisement for the Brady pub boosted their business.

Robert: Say no more. Always happy to help.” Robert takes the ad”

Maggie: Thank you. Have a nice day, Nicole.

Maggie leaves the office. Robert puts the ad down.

Robert: Did it just get cold in here?” Rob joked

Nicole: Stop it.

At lunch…

Robert: Fire away,” said Robert to Nicole.

Nicole: Marlena was returned home to Salem.

Robert: Did she thank Chad for saving her life?

Nicole: No. Not yet anyway.”

Robert: Unbelievable! If not for Chad she’d be splatted over a rocky coast. She thanks EJ for telling her John was alive but not Chad for stepping up?”

Nicole: That’s Marlena for you?

Robert: Don’t you think Marlena should thank Chad the way she thanked EJ?

“What else?”

Nicole: I am getting close to finding out what’s up with Serena the elephant and her connections to Zander.

Robert: Last week didn’t you and Zander..?

Nicole: Nope.

Robert: But don’t you and he..?

Nicole: Nope. Just want to see what everyone is hiding.

Robert: Sounds like someone rewrote something.

Nicole: Probably.

Robert: Will this elephant business ever end?

Nicole: Theresa started with her ‘Phase Melanie Out’ plan using her ultimate weapon right away. Mother Kimberly returned to see her and the baby.

Brady proposed to Melanie. Can they get to the altar before Theresa’s plans work?”

Robert: Brady proposed to Melanie?

Nicole: Yup. and I’m okay with that. Jeez! We’re just friends! It’s not…Doesn’t Melanie know that all three of the women Brady proposed to ended up dead?”

Robert: Ari was murdered when hit by a car, Madison died in the earthquake, and Kristen…Sniff, sniff.

Nicole: STOP!

Robert: The question should be: Brady proposing to Melanie, does Brady want her dead?

Nicole: Can we move on, please?

Robert: Of course. Sorry.

Nicole: Paul and Will continue to have it out. Paul had enough and hit Will good and hard.

Robert: That must have been cool.

Nicole: John stepped in, trying to smooth things over. Will he be able to?

Robert: The question should be: why is John getting in the middle of Paul and Will when Marlena was whisked away? Did he even notice she was gone? Shouldn’t he be all yelling at/threatening Stefano, etc. etc. etc.?”

Nicole: Haven’t a clue.

Page, Jennifer, JJ, and Eve.

Robert: Please tell me.

Nicole: Yes. Page found out.

Robert: FINALLY!!!

“Did she give them all a what for?”

Nicole: Yes.

Robert: Hallelujah.

Do you think its over for JJ and Page?

Nicole: It should be but probably isn’t.

Anyway that’s about it this week.

Robert: Things are getting good. Can’t wait until Monday.

Nicole: Listen…

Robert: Hold that thought.” Robert sees Ben and Clyde. “Have to make a phone call. BRB.”

Nicole is happy, takes a sip of her drink, and waits for the food.

Time to turn the hourglass…


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 By Robert L. Feldmann,

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