Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/20/17: Greece is the word pt 2

Marlena and John are going to Rob’s house to check up on him  they hear music and singing the door was left open they entered to see and hear Blanca Singing
My head is saying, “Fool, forget him.”
My heart is saying, “Don’t let go.
Hold on till the end.”
And that’s what I intend to do
I’m hopelessly devoted to you

“Nice voice” went John

BLANCA?” Marlena yelled over the music Blanca heard Marlena and with a click of the remote turned off the music

“HE ESCAPED” went a sad Blanca

“oh dear” went Marlena


This Week In Salem:


After returning from visiting her Sons Adrianne reminded Lucas why she chose him worried about the condition of her body Lucas reassured her but agreed to wait

“Is waiting going to give Justin more time to move in?”

Jade backpedaling a bit told trip she had no real proof that Kayla killed Ava But then Adrianne told Tripp a story on how Steve covered for her killing their father

Will Tripp find out the truth and then let it go because he see’s the johnsons for how they are as a family

“i hope not Joey deserves to go to prison” marlena looked at Blanca”Sniff just saying what rob would if he was here”

john came back from doing a quick scouting of the house”passports still upstairs suitcases doesnt look like he left”

Chad dismissed more cursed amulet nonsense and his mother  Hope Mooched a ride home on his plane

SMH she’s a piece of work”

how much more of Mother Hope is chad going to have to put up with

Erics arrival in Greece caused Zander to plan his escape money helicopter and the like Commando Eric made a shiv out of a pencil and her and Nicole tried once again to escape it didnt work the way they planned Nicole not wanting to leave without Eric trusted a cop the cop betrayed her and she’s prisoner once again

“do you think its part of the writers plan to make nicole look dumber everyday or is the writing just really really bad


Jade Scared off a potential new girlfriend for joey by telling her the Truth


will Jade make it past july or will joey kill her before then

Steve showed Tripp the boring sides of Detective work tripp has decided to shadow kayla on the medical school thing

Doctor or Detective which career do you think Suits Tripp Better

Chloe totally forgetting on how she betrayed lucas by cheating on him with dr Feelgood tried to bring him onto her MY BABY team Lucas had none of it and tore her a new one

where you cheering for lucas many “my baby” drinks did you have this week

Damos told Abigail that the same drug dealer after him “EL Fideo” was the same Cartel leader that Theresa went off with

“i thought his name was Matteo”

“it was”

“anyway lying or not Abigail agreed to go through with it”

“Adriannes is feeling her body isnt up to the task she asked Lucas to “wait” until she is 1000 percent ready”

“is there anyway waiting backfires on them ?”

Lani told Eli to go after Gaby because getting Gaby away from Supercop was a bonus for her as well Lani is also upset that JJ is holding off on Sex

How about Lani and Eli as a couple ?

Hope warned chad about the amulet

Chad and Gabi found their room trashed and a knifed masked man who took the amulet unbeknownst to both robber and chad Gabi switched it with a fake

Why did chad leave his gun at home ?

Theo couldnt contain his jealousy anymore and told Ciara that Wyatt was a fake because everything wyatt said came from him

What will happen with these three and will Claire dump theo over this

Eli seeing Gaby and Chad together decided that he wouldnt have any part of being a third wheel and told her they were done

Gabi now believes in the curse too

Do you believe in Curses and who will be its first victim ? just then Robert came home Blanca didnt know to be happy or angry so she settled for both

“oh hi Marlena,john good to see you back in salem

“good to be back thanks for your help”

“your welcome”marlena looked at them both

“How did you escape “asked a curious marlena ”

“trade secret.”rob smiled
“why arent you on your way to Greece”went a still upset Blanca”
“Forget Greece.” rob looked at Blanca Marlena john then Blanca again

Rob got down on one Knee “Blanca..will you marry me”

Time to turn the hourglass

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