Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/13/16: Cult or Commune?

13219918_10205855810304781_1708825476_nAfter a pleasant evening with Deimos, Nicole entered Rob’s office in a good mood. The atmosphere was different. People weren’t as upbeat as they normally were. She went to a coworkers desk.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Rob doesn’t seem himself today. He’s detached. He got some of our names mixed up. I think something may be wrong with him. And it may have to do with whatever’s going on at the hospital.’

“Thanks for letting me know,” Nicole said and walked into Rob’s office. “Hey, Rob.”

“Huh…oh, hi Nikkie. How are you today?”

Nikkie??? Something was off, and now Nicole was suspicious. She went into her pocket book and pulled out a pen but dropped it on the floor. “Oops,” Nicole bent over slowly to pick it up, giving Rob a deliberate cheap peep show. Rob didn’t even look over his desk.

“Not looking at me when I bend over?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ROB?” she screamed

“Okay, that’s enough,” came a voice from behind the closet door. Rob came out. “Thank you. Please leave that way.” The first rob smiled at Nicole and left the way Robert came in.

“What the heck are you up to?”

“Nothing. I decided to get my own duplicate to have him do the not so interesting or fun things I’m forced to do as boss.”

“A duplicate you?”


“From Andre, I suppose?”

“Of course…what gave him away?”

“Besides the little things? As much as you respect me, and I know you do you, you can’t help looking at me when I bend over like that, and he didn’t look.”

“Sigh. He needs more training.”


This week in Salem…

Flashback to Aiden and Hope’s wedding night. Andre subdues Aiden, not convinced he would go along with the plan. He sent in a phony Aiden who tried to kill hope and was stopped by Bo.

Back in the present we see Aiden in a cell, talking to a bird, aka Wilson in the movie “Castaway.” He escaped and made it back home, entering Hope’s house via hidden key knowledge.

Hope caught him and had him immediately arrested.

“Who leaves a spare key under the mat like that?”

“That’s what you got out of that?

“No, but I’m sure there’s more. And I’m waiting to hear more.”

“An epidemic has hit Salem. Gabby, Ari, and Paul have been affected. John suspected Yo Ling. Will they find a cure before people start dying?


Hope, Rafe, and Roman questioned Aiden. Aiden told Hope everything. Nobody believes him.


“What, ‘what’?”
“How could Roman not believe Aiden? Roman’s come back from the dead TWICE, Rafe was switched with a phony, and Hope thought she was a bloody princess!”

“Beats me.”

“Speaking of duplicates, how’s the Helena/Deimos project?”

“It’s coming along well. Deimos is quite the piano player. Kate is jealous of me AND Helena. Deimos gave me control of Basic Black.”

“Cool, cool.”

“Victor ran into Kate. Victor mocked Kate for whoring herself out. Kate shrugged it off and told victor she controlled Titan.”

“Is it true? Is Kate a whore, or is she just lonely?”


Steve got bad vibes from Jade’s father. He seems a bit on the bully/mean side. We also met her aunt, Simone who apparently is the leader of a cult or hippie commune. How will their arrival affect Joey, Jade, Steve, and Kayla?

Abigail is worried she will never get better. Chad told her to be patient. Abigail told Chad that she doesn’t want to see him or any other family members. She started therapy with Dr. Robinson. Do you think Abigail is in good hands?

Chad accused Jennifer of being a drug addict.

“Thats harsh and disrespectful.”

“And true.”

“LOL. Yeah.”

Ciara and Theo spent time alone in a bedroom. Do you think they did anything?


Chad and Ciara continued to negotiate her babysitting duties. There may have been a moment between them.

“LOL. This could be funny!”

Are you starting to get the feel for Chiara?

Hope Visited Andre and told him Aiden’s story. Andre called it science fiction. blaming anything that may have happened on Stefano.

“LOL. Andre’s funny.”

Hope snapped that it was easy to blame things on the dead.

Andre countered with, “You should know—you killed him.”

“Sure she did.”



“Whatever. Rafe is jealous of Aiden’s return and the possibility of Andre’s involvement in all this.

“Shame Rafe doesn’t remember EJ taking him and replacing him with a duplicate.”

Aiden went to see Andre. Are they in on something together, or is one of them willing to make a deal?”

“Can’t wait to find out. Ready to eat?”


“Can I bring my clone?”


“Works for me.”

Nicole smiled.


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Rob Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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