Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/07/17: Daniels heart 2016-2017

Robert woke up with a slight headache not seeing Blanca he shot out of bed and hit is head on a bar after not noticing he was chained to the ceiling giving him free movement
” BLANCA ??”

Well good morning sleepyhead went Blanca entering the room with a food table

What’s going on

“I was helping you with the recaps we started a “my baby “Chloe drinking game you lost then i locked you in this cage”

“what?” Rob said rubbing his head”

“Relax its just to ensure that you Don’t go to Greece after Nicole, .Nicole told me all about the time you helped her and Jan build hers” Robert ran into the bathroom and came back out

“Blanca you have to let me out of here RIGHT NOW” rob pulled at the chain “you didn’t think this through”

“What makes you say that ?”

“Well for starters there’s not enough toilet paper”
This Week in Salem


Gabi sick and tired of telling everyone she has moved on from Chad while dancing with Eli may use a dance contest at TBD to prove it

Will this finally put a stop to all the Chad/Gabby business

Nope I’m afraid not

Sonny got all Gangster with a gun and got a goon to divulge Brady and Nicole’s whereabouts and that Deimos was also aware of it

Will Sonny and Paul be a key factor by the time this winds up?

Zander secured Nicole and holly and then damos told him to take them to Greece while he stalled Sonny and Paul. It worked

Page almost slipped out the truth about joey and Ava but assured joey he was still in the clear

Why is page still covering for joey after the way he and his family have treated her ?

Tripp got a file from Salem pd new hire Abigail and after talking with Kayla  he know thinks she  have been the one that killed Ava

OH FOR THE LOVE OF ..What is the point to this story when everyone knows Joey won’t go to jail or be killed?

Lani’s cover was blown she was Forced to take the HALO Drug a drug that makes slaves out of its users

Speaking of Halo where’s my video game system?”

“You don’t have xbox”

“I love that you know that”

Raines and Super cop arrived and Saved her while apprehending the suspect turns out that Snake was a serial killer level dude Lani Supercop and COMMISSIONER Hero Raines saved allot of lives JJ wouldn’t take any credit declaring Lani the real Hero

At the hospital Lani’s conditioned worsened

Will the doctors be able to help her or is there a cure that only Snake is currently  aware of and they have to deal with him to retrieve ?”

Brady told Victor he loves Nicole, Victor yelled at him

Chloe yelled at Brady for this entire mess Marlena yelled at Chloe

Victor yelled at Damos about Xander not being Dead Damos promised to make him pay

Are damos and Xander partners? Has Damos killing Xander to save Nicole been Damos’s plan all along ?”Will Xander see that he is being set up before it’s too late

“What if Xander and Nicole Fall in love” Blanca played

“That wouldn’t surprise me” Robert responded

After hearing Zanders plans for her and Holly Nicole naturally tried to escape. It didn’t work

Hope met Wyatt. She’s not sold on Him yet something doesn’t seem right to her

This is coming from the 25 year veteran detective that didn’t sense anything off with Chase/Ciara  while he lived under her roof  for over 8 years?”

Do you find that annoying insulting or Both?

I hope Wyatt is working for Andre. Just to give Andre something to Do ?

More you should do a sex tape nonsense with Jade and Claire

Is Claire going to go through with it ?

No comment

Rafe arrested Brady..Who coded it has been speculated that Daniels Heart has indeed Died

Will they find a new heart for Brady in time?

If you let me out of here I’ll get Zander’s for him

“Nope Sorry can’t do that” Blanca opened the cage door and brought in Rob’s favorite breakfast “just calm down and eat its going to be alright”

“You realize you may have to keep me chained up until November”

“nah just until the end of May sweeps i hope”


Time to Turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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