Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-25-18: Welcome to your new Home Chloe

Kirakis front door

Henderson get out of my way


It’s alright let him in

Victor… Bob walks into the living room

THERESA!!! SO GREAT TO SEE YOU! Bob Gave her a big hug and kisses on her cheeks, you look Great

Robert how could you be here I thought you were with Nicole. Is she here too?

No no neither one of them are here but i have picks of baby Stefano and Holly that you have just got to see..IVE MISSED YOU bob hugged her again

I’m confused


This Week in Salem

Stefan reminded Abigail that if she went to the cops Chad would also go to prison and he (tried to) Reaffirm that he and Gabigail loved each other.

Are you shocked or angered that the alters just went away like snapping your fingers.

Abigail demanded to know why Chad didn’t tell her about Gabigail and Stefan.. Chad blamed it on Marlena.

Smart move Chad!!

Chloe read Theresa’s letter to her and then wrote her own to Lucas.

Yeah Theresa when are you going to mention this.

I’m trying to find the right way and time

Xander’s return to Salem didn’t go over with anyone …He just wants a second chance,  just one like the thousand second chances everyone else gets.

I thought you hated Xander?

Robert, I did at one point but we’re good now


Are you happy with Xander being back is it weird that he’s shirtless in Illinois in May ?

Not to many care about that

Right lol

Eve saw Theresa kiss Brady

Who are you rooting for Thrady or Beve?

Beve ?????

Brady is going to get back together with me ..we have a son

Its Kristen’s son

WHAT I’m kidding I’m kidding

That was hilarious though…You should come over to my place you and Blanca can share Matteo stories

That’s the Blanca he was talking about?


Will accidentally spilled something on Dr Rolf’s journals and found some missing pages via invisible ink.

Shouldn’t Will be getting those pages to someone who will understand how to read them

Nah what fun would that be

Paul and John went to Rescue Chloe

Oh no Mateo will kill them

Kill James Bond i don’t think so

Paul on the other hand?? Hope not

Tripp and Ciara ended up talking to Kayla and Julie about their “first “night together


Julie put Chase back into Ciara’s head and she couldn’t

CALLED IT ..Poor Tripp never catches a break

Is there still a chance for this couple?

Rafe and Hope bullied Stefan in their usual pointless fashion


Stefan could tell nothing will be done about Kate killing Vivian WHICH thanks to Flashbacks was down and out murder no self defense


Kate said goodbye to Andre’s ghost still conflicted over his betrayal

CHADS FAULT ..Andre/Thaoo Penglis has been removed from the credits so seeing him again is ???

Are you disgusted by the way his character has been handled

YUP it’s shameful sad and disgusting

Abigail wants to plead guilty for killing Andre

Whether she should or not doesn’t matter because Chad made a deal for her release

And Gabi is still in prison SMH

Where is any of this going?

Leo told Kate the plans were going perfectly then Kate was short with some money she owed him he warned her to hurry up and pay

How come all of a sudden Now Kate has no money?

Its mind boggling

Leo is suing Sonny for Sexual Harassment

ROTLFMAO oh that’s both sad and Funny

What will happen when they find out it’s all Kate ?

No clue probably way too early for that

Leo offered his story to Will.  Will yelled at him

Will this tie into Wilson

Probably poor Paul

Will warned Tripp about Kate’s ways

Smart man poor Tripp he’s always caught in the middle of everything

Maggie isn’t happy to see Theresa

Do you understand Maggie’s position on this?

Of course

Chloe killed Miguel and started her dash to freedom

GO CHLOE Theresa if she gets home you’re in deep doo doo

I had to get back to my family

i don’t blame you Theresa many people would have left of course many would have also told the authorities about what’s was going on at the first opportunity too

Eve wants Brady to make up his mind

ROTFLMAO that’s funny

Hey don’t laugh at Brady like that

Come on Theresa he’s an idiot SPEAKING of IDIOTS you called Mateo and tipped them off about John and Paul

I don’t want them to get hurt

So you ratted out an ISA operative and his apprentice to a drug lord to PREVENT them from being hurt

You’re lucky you’re pretty Theresa seriously

Mateo finds out about Johns ISA ties he’s a goner

And of course at the end of Friday John and Paul make it to Chloe’s room? How they knew she would be in that particular room is anyone’s guess but anyway

Mateo busted them without even having Goons with him

Its John so I’m laughing i hope Paul doesn’t get hurt

What will happen can you see john and Paul shooting their way out ?

Yes i can that would be epic

Look at the carnage you caused Theresa LOL I’m so glad your back

Now let’s go pick up Blanca the two of you can swap Mateo stories that may be helpful in Shane building his case and I’ll explain everything else.

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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