Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-25-18: Matteo 2016 -2018

Bob was reading an email looking at pictures of Robert and Nicole celebrating her birthday when Kate entered his office he quickly turned off the computer

“Trying to hide something from me” Kate played

“What do you want Kate”

“i want your help against Stefan he doesn’t belong here”

BOB Burst out laughing

This Week in Salem

Brady chose to be with Eve But that didn’t stop her from stepping aside because of Tate

Is Eve doing the right thing?

Diane Attacked Gabi while she was lying in her hospital bed and beat her unconscious when Gabi came to Diane was lying dead on the floor with a syringe in her neck

Obviously it wasn’t Gabi but who killed Diane and Why?

I bet you did it Kate Gabi’s your girl

I wasn’t even there

Uh huh

I heard you shot Vivian in cold blood though

That was Self Defense

Sure it was

Before Mateo could shoot Paul, john stepped in front and did the father thing offering his life for Paul’s

Noble to the end

Then Chloe came up from behind and stabbed him he died

Did that surprise you ?

I didn’t think she had it in her

Paul and Chloe called Will and Lucas and told them they were coming home

Rafe told Gabi he would find out what happened via security footage

Is it beyond time Gabi gets out of there?


Hope found out Ben could be released and was taken aback

Marlena compared Abigail’s situation to Ben’s

That’s allot of nonsense, but whatever

Do you think that’s a fair assessment by Marlena

Abigail is considering Boston for her Treatments Chad naturally isn’t sure about this.

Should chad go with her?

Not if he wants her treatment to work he will be a distraction

Steve told Kayla he would rather be blind that get help from Stefan

Niece Abigail aside it seems that Stefan has brought his hatred for Nikolas to Salem is this fair of Stefan.


LOL never mind

Kayla went behind Steve’s back and asked Stefan for help with Visionary Biometrics

Stefan agreed on one condition which involves you Kate she took his phone number

I’m sure i don’t care

uh huh anyway Stefan called you and told you he was coming for you which is why your here !

Xander Hopes that His reward for rescuing Theresa will be big he told Theresa to help him with that or they would find out she abandoned Chloe.


Memories of Chase prevented Ciara from having making love with Tripp sadly she lied about the why and broke up with him

Poor Tripp Ciara too i suppose as always Marlena turns out to be useless as a psychiatrist

And yet you’ve been going to her since the early 80’s.

I am the exception to that Rule

Is there still a future for Tripp and Ciara?

Will is worried what his returned memories would do to him and Paul

Is that a genuine concern?

Chloe reunited with Lucas

Are you happy they are back together?


LOL anyway the reunion is short lives as Chloe wants to go to nyc


Lucas offered to go with her

Any chance they get hitched while in the big apple?

Chloe went to talk to eve and tell her of her escape and of Theresa’s death

Eve told her Chloe that Theresa was back in Salem

Then the Big Bomb

Not only did Chloe rat out Theresa for leaving her in Mexico but she told everyone that Theresa Ratted out John and Paul


Needless to say Brady was beyond pissed

Chloe then finished the story on how she killed Matteo before his goons showed up

The lack of goons in a drug cartels compound is Mind boggling first there not there then they show up then they disappear again

Any chance Matteo’s goons come seeking revenge on Theresa

Could that be what causes her exit months from now?

Hope not

Has this killed any chance of a Brady and Theresa romantic reunion?

Brady told her to leave Theresa said she is taking Tate with her.

Will TATE bring them back together or is Brady really done with her

Its Brady so hard to tell

After trying or accessing or whatever She Did Marlena could not stop Ben from being released

Ben will be free and returning to salem shortly

Are you happy for Ben’s recovery?

How will the citizens react to this?

I know what Chad should do and hopefully what Eve won’t do but then again no jury would convict Eve for killing a serial killer.

sigh if only Marlena was this understanding with Andre when he was PRETENDING to be a serial killer

Did you know Andre was betraying me with Vivian?



Because you vs. Vivian Stefan and a Neutered Andre i didn’t know whose Side Stefano would be on

Now if you’ll excuse me I have two appointments to keep.

Bob escorted Kate out of his office and they left Kate looked back wondering what Bob was looking at on his laptop

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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