Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/23/19:You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

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Bob,  Bart, Marco  and some goons burst into the room where Kristen and Zander were residing the goons where there to ensure zander didn’t do anything stupid 

“I KNEW IT” Bob yelled staring at Kristen holding the Nicole mask

“Took you long enough” mocked Kristen 

“Nice to see you too Sis you’re going to tell me where (my) Nicole is….   NOW!!! 

This Week in Salem

Eric thanked Brady for finding a way to get Zander away from Nicole 

Can Brady and Eric now recapture their brotherly bond? 

Maggie interrupted a Victor, Kate conversation and kicked Kate out of the house she then let Victor have it with both barrels for not being there for her during the terrible Holly business 

Victor blamed it on Brady’s incompetence for hiring Zander within the company 

Were you cheering Maggie on?

Will and Sonny were talking with John and Marlena when Will suddenly started yelling at Marlena when his rant was over he couldn’t remember how it even started Marlena lovingly understood and forgave him 

What exactly is the Drolf serum doing to Will ?

Kristen is this the same stuff you injected EJ with?


Didn’t think so 

Maggie discovered a broken figuring and yelled at Kate some more she called Brady and he came to her aid 

Has Kate gone too far attacking an up there in age woman that can’t really fight back minus the yelling 

Way to far Kate, that’s disgusts me now 

Nicole was happy her plan was working Zander actually hit on her Nicole told him to stay focused 

Could Zander and the real Nicole have made a nice couple?

Kate saw Zander leave Nicole’s place and wondered what was going on 

How will Kate fit into this story? 

i hope she’s left out of it from now on 

Ciara thinks she can get Rafe to let Ben See David 

What is the deal with Ben and David first off Mom said NO second off i the blah blah blahs i wouldn’t let a serial killer around my kids in the same way Marlena would never have Stefano over for Christmas diner sure they were able to co-exist and make peace after Stefano somewhat amend things (by leaving them be) in the last few years but  LIMITS right ? 

Claire yelled at Eve for not fixing her problems with Haley and Tripp she started with the threats even quoting Bruce Banners you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry line 

Watching Claire go psycho is entertaining 

Are you enjoying Claire’s downward spiral?

Tripp demanded Ciara leave the soras house 

Ben almost caught Claire setting clothes on fire 

Rafe disobeyed mayor Jacks orders to find JJ but to be fair to Rafe Jack hasn’t been sworn in yet 

Mayor Jack your thoughts?

can we buy jack ? Asked Kristen 

not sure not with eve around anyway 


Eve ran into Ben again and smacked him Jack showed up Ben declared he was being Harassed 

Aww was the serial killers feelings hurt SMDH guy got away with nothing but a slap on the wrist 

Jack was sworn in and he named Eve police commissioner 

How does that sit with you? 

people are confusing Commissioner and cop because Hope made private house calls the commissioner is a chair bound pencil pusher, that has meetings, approves budgets, occasionally goes to funerals and ceremonies any experienced CEO can be a police commissioner  being a former cop helps  but it’s not necessary 

Remember when somehow Abigail Deveroux Dimera was appointed Co Dimera Ceo without ever having a job that wasn’t given to her by mommy???Isn’t this the same concept?

If Abigail why not Eve 

Because Eve is a power hungry idiot Jennifer told her just that 

AND yet is still a better choice than Hope. Moving on 

JJ told Haley he would take care of her 

Awe i hope the authorities bust in while they are having sex…what it’s happened before?

Are you enjoying the Haley and JJ storyline?

Hope and Eli illegally entered a hotel room Tripp was there got hope up to speed on everything 

Jack, Eve, hope and Eli already started clashing over ..everything Eve wants the Ben Weston case reopened 

Justice for Wendy and Serena FINALLY 

Who are they?

Sigh ..Exactly 

Tripp came home and saw Claire with a bunch of his clothes..After wondering he said he would wash his own clothes 

Are you just itching for the fire starter to actually start another fire ?

Look at fire, fire pretty YES I am 

Victor told Kate something is fishy with Brady/Nicole/Zander/Titan is going on 

Will victor figure it out before Brady 

The old Victor would have or should i say the younger ????

Maggie told Chloe about Kate/Victor 

Brady went to see Nicole and smelled Victor’s cologne?

Stefan told Gabi No more Gabi got Kate up to speed seeking help with old enemy Chloe 

Does it upset you that Kate is getting involved Everywhere..Again 

Yes she is used much too much 

Doug and Julie celebrated 25 years did that number seem weird 

Very all things considered i thought it was closer to 40 

Nicole rejected Eric again Sarah defended him Nicole told Sarah to stay out of her face 

Victor attacked Nicole Maggie defended her then Nicole attacked Maggie 

Your laying this on really thick Kristen 

Eric finally kissed Sarah 

Nicole kissed Brady 

Did Brady notice anything different about it? 


Sigh…you know Kristen i hope you took the time to remove those tattoos that you have and Nicole doesn’t 

How stupid is Brady 

Why do you even want Brady? Was it the way you helped John dress him and get him ready for school 

Don’t go there Bob 

Anyway Brady Rejected Nicole. For now 

Will Kristen/Nicole get Brady into bed? 

Maggie is really hitting the bottle it’s sad but it’s been so long since Maggie fell off the wagon i think she will recover sooner than expected 

Hope so 

Rex caught Zander with a file at the hospital and told him to get what he needs from the police 

That should be easy enough a few phone calls right 

Not anymore 

Kate told victor she wasn’t a heartless monster 

Did you roll on the floor laughing in disbelief when you head that? 


Victor warned Kate not to screw him over 

Can old younger Victor return to deal with what’s ahead ?

not sure 

Chloe FINALLY caught Stefan and Gabi in Bed Stefan tried to explain it away 


Will this lead to Chloe’s exit story and does it feel right for Chloe during this Nicole/Kristen story 

Tough call 

Gabi told Kate it all went down perfectly
..when will Gabi realize she loves Stefan ?

Zander met with Nicole and told her about Rex, Nicole told him to stay focused as she removes her face to reveal Nicole is really Kristen 

I knew it the moment i saw the way you walked in high heels Kristen BTW even Brady will notice the tattoos did you remove them ??

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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