Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-18-18: Hi Brady I’m home!!

Thanks for the wedding Invite Marlena, Blanca is honored to be in the bridal party

Where is she today ”
She took Baby Stefano to her mom’s

Bob Last week you mentioned Stefano’s diaries went John redirecting

They aren’t real diaries John just notes lots and lots of extensive notes many many many  of them I gave him

Is my past in those notes?

Again with the past John let it go ..but yes

…Do i have to ask?? Went john

Bob smiled

This Week in Salem

Lucas is naturally suspicious of the note Chloe left and her leaving with Miguel, Kate naturally shrugged it off

Will Lucas go to Mexico to try and find her!

Why not he’s got experience in this

What experience?

“2004 i think it was Lucas Shawn Brady and Rex went to Afghanistan to rescue Philip so belle could divorce him remember “john and Marlena nodded

“Anyway… all Lucas has to do is form a new team I say Lucas Brady Sonny and Paul to go rescue him it shouldn’t be a problem Sami won’t be dressing up like man to draw them into a trap this time

Great times

What will Lucas do to get Chloe back?

Victor told Brady about Vivian’s demise and tried once again to stop the wedding no good Victor told Kate he owed her a favor for offing Vivian Kate will hold him to it.

What will Kate have Victor do and how far will Victor go for Kate

Mateo told Chloe she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon

Theresa had to promise Xander a whole bunch of things before he would help her. After some battering they got past Mateo who because of Chloe he didn’t seem to mind to much he told them never to come back for her Theresa left Chloe and I’m sorry note and left

Is this the last we see of Chloe?

No of course not

Claire is going to visit Theo her and Ciara promised to try and start over when she gets back

John and Marlena continue to spread the wedding news John wants a small one Marlena a big one !

Big wedding it is then

Are you looking forward to the wedding?

Of course let’s see 6th time counting Roman counting ceremonies not weddings of course WAIT John were still married to Hope?

Robert told me he fixed that a long time ago Bob

LOL he did I’m just kidding

Neither Chad nor Stefan wants Abigail to plead guilty to Andre’s murder


Stefan told Kate he would make her pay for killing his mother

Time to be scared Kate

They exchanged threats Stefan reminded Kate that he technically owns the house and not to test him

Rafe gave Hope her annulment which of course led to hope saying later they weren’t done


Are you hopeful for Rope ?

Kate took over Vivian’s Leo’s plans for sonny

Poor Leo you can’t help but feel bad

Is Leo in worse or less trouble with Kate then with Vivian?

Abigail went to go see Gabi in Prison


yeah it didn’t go well Gabi told Abigail that Gabigail slept with Stefan

BOOM oh boy here we go

Abigail told Gabi she would confess to free her

Stefan and Chad are still arguing about everything Abigail Stefan taunted him about him and Gabigail they exchanged threats and chad is moving out of the house

FINALLY Bob got up and started dancing

Will you sit down please went Marlena

Sorry Bob sat back down

Leo recorded him and Sonny having sex

Uh oh this could be worse than Claire & Theo

Gabi told Chad that Abigail’s alters had it in for her because Abigail had it in for her

She’s got a point

She vowed revenge on both Abigail and Stefan


How do you see this playing out

Abigail furious to no end called out Stefan for Raping her and vowed to put him in prison Stefan told her to go ahead and try for if he goes to jail so does Chad


Steve agreed to be john’s best man

I’m hurt John vie know you since 70’s



John told Steve about a place called Visionary Robotics they may be able to help him restore his sight

Visionary Robotics I have stock in there Steve should go for it

Then they found out it was recently bought by Dimera Inc

ROTLFMAO thats too funny But its chad right so everythig should be fine

Zander and Theresa surprised Victor in his home Victor wasn’t given the opportunity to tell Theresa about Eve   he and zander left to discuss compensation

Brady came home and saw Theresa and the credits rolled

What’s the first thing Brady does on Monday ?

No clue I have to call her !!

That’s about it


Now Bob about those Files about my missing past

Bob smiled

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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