Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/11/19: Only person she could count on

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Check…So Wilhelm, Nicole is..Acting really weird care to fill me in seeing as i think i already know  

Now what fun would that be heir bob?  

Uh huh also Will, Sonny, and possibly John, and Marlena are going to be seeking out your notes again 

They never learn do they  LOL 

No the Don’t  LOL LOL LOL  (mutual Laughter )

This week in Salem 

Ben wants to be Uncle in David’s life Lani and rafe also discussed that totally ignoring that MOMMY said NO ! 

Is it right to go behind the mothers back 

Ted tried to find info on Holly through Zanders police files 

If ted is really into Hope how will he screw this all up? 

Eric wants to let Nicole and Brady be Nicole naturally continues to lash out at all that are trying to help her 

Sigh the more things change..

Zander showed up and told Nicole and everyone else they were still married 

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 

Were you shocked by Zanders Announcement?

i don’t know i think his feelings for her  are genuine .. He just needs to be held 

Forgetting what happened with Nicole Brady Victor and Eve Zander traded the Nicole murdered Damos evidence for a job at Titan 

Speaking of Damos.. Wilhelm do you have any Halo lying around?

I may i may 

Do you remember when Victor told Brady that once he used the Famous murder evidence on Eve that it would be useless to use against Nicole and Brady went to the police with it anyway?


smh ,Nicole told Sarah she could have Eric 

Can Eric and Sarah move forward now? 

Sure why not 

Gabi went back to Stefan for some more sex but this time he said NO 


Were you surprised by this? 

I was 

Gabi told Stefano’s portrait that soon she will have everything Stefan owns 

BWHAHAHAHAH she’s funny but in a way she could be right 

Will Gabi’s plan succeed?

Kayla told Will she needs the Rolf formula if she was to help him Zander has it 

What will Zander bargain for the formula 

Brady told Nicole about the zander evidence trade she told Brady he was the only one she could count on 

Okay now i know she’s Kristen. I mean tripping hey that rhymes lol

Rafe got his divorce papers i believe he signed them 


Having enough of Jack and his anti-Haley campaign he punched his father in the face 

Poor Jack he is sick like Abigail before him it’s not his fault he acts like he’s someone else 

By someone else you mean himself before JJ was born 


Tripp got Claire to confess what she did to Haley he broke up with her on the spot 


What will Claire do next?

Haley signed agent’s smith’s papers to spare Tripp Jail 

All around dopiness MOVING ON 

We can’t move on because that’s when DA Trask finally came in and Dropped the SHE”S MY DAUGHTER TRUTH BOMB 

FINALLY ..Hope Stefano or Andre are her father 

Any thoughts on the father of Haley?

Jack is the new Mayor 

Cool i wonder if I could …nah 

Melinda told Haley her story it was very sad Haley is hurt and confused 

Well get over it children do not have the right to question those kinds of parental decisions 

What are your thoughts on the Melinda and Haley thing ?

Jack fired Hope 

WHOO HOOO  this keeps getting better and better 

Ciara tried to confront Claire again Claire almost told Ciara she set the cabin fire 

Can’t wait to see what Fire starter does next 

Will Claire lose it again ?

Maybe not because JJ came in and he and Haley ran off before agent smith could detain her 

Awe just like when Pete and Melissa ran off to get away from Victor 

Not quite will agent smith find them?

Brady told an unhappy Victor about Zanders new job 

Victor continues to ignore Maggie who is sadly drinking again 

Hopefully Maggie will recover a.s.a.p. 

Will Maggie be able to find away to get Kate away from victor?

Zander hit on Sarah again 


Eric punched Zander 

Too bad Eric can’t see how badly Sarah wants zander 

Does she 

I think so 

Anyway Zander chose NOT to beat Eric to death because he was late for a meeting 

That was nice of him 

JJ and Haley Hid up at a hotel 

Hope the idiot didn’t use a credit card..
Nicole met Stefan and lashed out at Chloe this time over a funeral dress 

Why is Nicole still pushing loved ones away?

Because she’s not Nicole 

Jennifer stopped DA Trask from shooting Eve 

SMH Jennifer always running everyone else’s fun 

They heard about the APB on JJ and Haley 

Will either of the moms know where to look for their kids? 

Why go looking for them THEY ARE ADULTS besides they will lead Agent Smith right to them 

Nicole thanked Brady for everything she did 

Back at Zanders Nicole and Zander Happily celebrated their partnership 

Thought she said Anna?

Tomato tomatoe 

Checkmate good game Wilhelm 

Good game Bob 

Time To turn the Hourglass 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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