Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-11-18: If You Die I’ll Never Forgive You!

Marci Miller (Abigail) to leave days in the near future her part time replacement, her predecessor  Kate Mansi ..more info  on that when more becomes available.

Marlena’s office

I’m glad you weren’t hurt Marlena

Thank you Bob

I’m also glad that Abigail will finally get some real help if you can make sure you reserve her a room in the east wing the view of the mountains is beautiful

It may not come to that…but let’s focus on you

Before we start…Blanca is offering her services to help with the wedding

That’s nice i will call her tomorrow and thank you Bob for fixing it with the Netherlands government so john and hope didn’t have to go through all that again

I didn’t do it for Hope i did it for you and John

This week in Salem

Chloe reluctantly told Theresa about Brady and Eve, Theresa was not happy

Not happy SMH she left him and her son

She was upset that it was her sister not that he actually moved on

Well alright then

Does Theresa have a legitimate beef?

At the hospital Brady came around and eve said that if he died she would never forgive him

LOL cute cute

Kate and Vivian discussed Andre true intentions and motivations Kate vowed to kill Vivian

Here we go

Kate then Lied to Stefano’s portrait by saying “I wasn’t in love with you, but i married you and it just happened
and you walked all over my heart????”

“What do you mean lied Bob?”

“She married Stefano to avoid Prison for trying to kill Chloe SMH she then Blew it by sleeping with another man  …SMH Kate is lucky Stefano’s heart continued to grow as he got older”

Chad continued to avoid the real issues by telling Abigail what she wanted to hear

Marlena in brining Kayla up to speed on Abigail, thinks that Stefan Brought Stefano’s curse back on them

Do you really think that Marlena?

Bob settle down now no need to get excited

I’m not it’s just i fear it’s too late now after this whole Sex with Gabigail/raped her thing it’s not what i envisioned for him that’s all its sad

Stefan tried to explain his connection to Gabygail to Steve and Kayla it didn’t fit Kayla said he would be going to jail for Rape

We’ll he said

Were do you see the character going as we know its not to jail

Paul is going to help Will Track down Dr Rolf

JEEZE leave the man alone will he’s not wanted for any crimes

Would you like to see Dr rolf again

If you do Marlena i could call him

thats okay


Hope had the audacity to talk to Stefan about Murder


Marlena got Hope and Trask up to speed while Stefan stole the Gaby wig

Chad got Abigail to admit that she killed Andre her explanation says self defense

Of course of course SMDH lies all lies

Is the truth out going to help Abigail?

I’m sure it will

Gabi doesn’t want to see Eli

Rafe got Gabi up to speed on the Abigail alter thing

Gabi is…bewildered?

Gabi has a right to be pissed


NO Marlena i know Abigail is nuts sick whatever, but I’m Sorry is not going to cut here Especially when Chad DIMERA could have fixed it so Gabi never got convicted.

I hope Gabi makes them both suffer

Dr laura stepped in to protect Abigail from father unpleasantness about Andre

They ran into Stefan who said that the Gabi alter will win out and they will be together

Poor Deluded Bastard.. I’m starting to like him…i wonder if i should return his calls

Bob please stay away from him Robert made a promise to Nicole and Bob with Blanca should  honor that   promise

Point Taken Marlena

Sonny kissed Leo when he saw will and Paul together

Do you wish Sonny would make up his damn mind with Vivian gone Leo is free to be himself?

What about Paul and Leo as a couple?

Rafe still won’t sign the annulment papers


Dr Laura broke up Chad and Stefan and let Stefan talk to Gabigail

Stefan said goodbye and walked away

SEE HE WALKED AWAY something Chad should have done when Abigail was with both Cameron and Ben.

Will Stefan move onto something else?

Hope so i really do

Vivian tried to get Kate to team up and get Victor, Kate said no

Kate refused Vivian pulled out a gun they struggled it went off Vivian was shot


Are you going to miss Vivian

Stefan arrived medics were called hope arrived

Why does the commissioner do the work of Street cops SMH

She heard Stefan Vow Revenge

HA TIME TO BE SCARED HOPE WAIT TILL I TELL STEFAN WHAT YOU DID opps i mean you’re right Marlena i should honor Roberts promise,

I see a bad moon rising i see a phoenix on the way

What will Stefan do if anything?

haven’t a clue tee hee

Roger showed up and asked Will if he would go see Susan, Will somehow still thinks that Susan is the one who brainwashed him and is reluctant.

As if Susan could do anything like that SMH Marlena i understand Will being…upset but can’t you talk to him about misdirected anger ?

Will we see Susan in the near future?

KRISTEN NOT SUSAN..please please please her and Stefan can be a couple

Roger gave Will Rolf Diary

Will started to read it

I hope Will gets someone to help him with all the science and medical stuff  that’s in there

At the morgue someone that looked like Ben injected Vivian with the same stuff that brought back EJ and so many others

Including us

Yes including us

Victor laughed when reading about Vivian


Victor tried to avoid Maggie’s questions about Brady eve and Theresa

Maggie demands to know what he is hiding

Will Victor tell Maggie

Doubt it

Will you tell me Bob

We are trying to get Theresa back…Chloe too

Brady had a dream about Theresa

Eve told Brady she would always be there for him

Hope she can hold up to that

Lucas consoled Kate over Andre and Vivian but refused to talk about Chloe

Good man

Theresa found Chloe and started telling her all about Mateo  Miguel arrived and added to it he implied that now that Miguel has Chloe Theresa may no longer be needed

That’s what people like him do

Where do you see this going ?

Theresa with help of a key she found something that she said would get her one step closer to home/Brady and Tate

Were you surprised by this undercover twist and was it right to not inform most of Salem

I knew

For how long Shane told me right after she left

Mateo introduced himself to Chloe

uh oh

How far will that go ?

Zander showed up

Theresa used that key and pulled out a hard drive Just then Dander of all people showed up

Is Xander there to help or Stop Theresa

I think help but i can’t wait to find out

that’s about it

Cool can’t wait till Monday

Marlena speaking of Diaries did you know that Stefano had some?

i always suspected

I memorized them let’s start from the beginning ..DEAR DIARY TODAY I …


Oh look johns here let’s put that aside for now I wasn’t in love with you, but i married you and it just happened
and you walked all over my heart ????” and the four of us eat

LOL of course Marlena

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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