Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-04-18: Come Back to Me !

Bob went to the Hospital to check on Marlena and the others he ran into John first

BOB i want to talk to you


Dam right Uh Oh you knew where Marlena was all this time and you didn’t tell me?


Gotta ask why not

Tell John black where Marlena is ?,  be real John what would Stefano think

Stefano is dead

And that matters because ?… John i love Marlena like a son loves his mother but that doesn’t mean i will betray Stefano or his memory for you this is all your fault anyway

How so

You should have went to where you found her Right away instead of wandering around the city for days on end  SMH your slipping John

This week in Salem

Rafe put Gabi in future danger by identifying her attackers to the warden


it’s the right thing to do

Snitches get Stitches John even Gabi knows to keep her mouth shut in prison

Was it the right thing to do?

Marlena Vivian and Kate found some Champaign just lying around and decided to drink

During their intoxication Marlena shared about the time she was possessed

LOL that was a Hoot remember John Great times

Not the way i remember it bob

Do you remember the possession story and what first comes to mind when remembering?

I remember Stefano saving her NOT YOU

Anyway the trio is starting to run out of air

Would getting drunk speed up or slowdown that process ?

Jennifer Gave Stefan an earful about his brainwashing Abigail to be with him

For a newspaper person she doesn’t get all the facts first but she was still right about him

Until she said Abigail wouldn’t cheat

Abigail wouldn’t cheat HAW HAW HAW tell that to Carrie, Sami, and Ben

Kayla is insisting Steve share his feelings

Well debasing is her thing so nothing new there

Kate, Marlena and Vivian were running out of air thanks to Dr Laura taping up the vents

Dr laura discussed the location and attempted killing of the three women and made a deal to divulge their location for a phone call to Stefan

During the phone call Stefan told Gabigail she was making a mistake and that she should run away

How are they going to resolve this?

Vivian didn’t understand Kates still loving Andre after what Andre did to her with Vivian’s help

Kate not knowing how much to believe Kate told Vivian she wouldn’t understand

Do you understand

I do

John finally figured out where they were and rescued them, but not before some CPR and trips to the hospital

Seriously John how could you not go there right away it’s the same room Stefano resurrected you in. After i ran you over back in 2007

You ran me over?

It was an accident …MOVING ON

Will visited Gabi in prison and got her up to speed

What’s going to happen to Gabi/Abigail when Gabi is freed Gabi has a legitimate lawsuit here alters included.

Leo went to see Sonny, Sonny was suspicious as usual but Leo made progress helping out with Ari using chocolate i think

Would Leo and sonny have a chance if Vivian wasn’t around?

Hope met Dr Laura, Marlena couldn’t get through to Abigail because of Dr Laura

Is the gatekeeper is stronger than everyone thinks

Dr Laura told John that nothing would happen to her or Abigail because of the immunity deal

Of course she’s not a Dimera  by blood so we won’t prosecute ..LAME

John asked Eve to forgive Brady she said she would think about it later on Claire told Eve everything she had done and that Brady was not to blame

That means Eve really won the contest and she’s free of him

Does Eve want to be free of Brady ?

Ciara let Claire off the hook because she came clean and they are family


They are going to reverse the results or something?? We’ll see

Kate and Lucas got each other up to speed on everything Abigail and Chloe Kate was nice enough not to rub salt into Lucas’s wounds. For once

Were you surprised by Kate

Nah she’s probably still drunk lol

Chad tried to reach Abigail and after some ..manhandling that Marlena did NOT Approve of may have worked

Is this all over now?

Not sure

Chloe in her new Mexico City  home  ran into Theresa they traded some stories about Brady, Nicole, Tate and Mateo.   Theresa told Chloe that she would be there for a while.  But was not Happy at all when Chloe brought up Eve and Brady’s relationship

Is Theresa right to be upset about Eve and Brady

not really she left so ?? it’s complicated

Theresa. .miss her I’ll have to call her

You know where she is bob

Yes..Don’t look at me like that so does Victor and Shane..You really are Slipping john

that’s about it can i see Marlena now please

Sure bob

Thanks John

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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