Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04/29/16: Prom Week

rp_13077238_10205760360518596_1804188382_n-300x223-1-300x223.jpgLate Friday Nicole went to Rob’s office with the recaps feeling a combination of guilt and pride after the events of last weekend.

He wasn’t in his office. He went to her office and there were flowers and an apology note.

“BART!” she called out

“Hey, Nicole.”

“Rob?” Bart handed Nicole a paper. “Aw, crap. That’s why I didn’t hear from him…why didn’t you do anything, Bart?”

“Andre’s still in jail. What could we do?”

Nicole left the office and ran straight to Victor in the hospital. Justin and Brady were still there.

“What is it, Nicole?”

“Last week Robert tried to get me out of Deimos-Danger by hiding me in Canada.” Victor and Brady chuckled. “Long story short, to get back at him, after he fell asleep I stole his car and his passport. He must have been arrested at the border for not having it upon re-entry

“Dear ME!” Victor said

“I don’t know what happened with his phone call, but apparently he’s still there!” “I’ll make some phone calls, get him out, bring him back.”

“Thank you, Justin.” Justin excused himself and left the room.


This Week In Salem…

Henry stopped Theo from pummeling Mark further.

Marlena was not allowed to see Eric. Belle said it would take time before visitations could start.

Abe asked Theo to stay away from Ciara. Theo, declaring Ciara his girlfriend, refused. Are Abe’s fears founded, and what exactly are his fears?

Hope decided to focus on Ciara, not on murdering Deimos. What do you think about Hopes sudden cowardly retreat from Deimos?

Hope needs to stay out of this,” went Victor.

Rafe and Hope had movie night.

Chad had Abigail committed. Abigail continued to see Ben. There was sadness everywhere. How soon until Abigail starts to get better?

After Jade and Joey made love they, went to the prom. Claire sang a song. Mark played a video making fun of Ciara using Chase as his means of attack.

The SORAS bunch retaliated by trashing his car. Everyone was arrested.

We met Mark’s father, a judge that wants to see them face real punishment.

“Which judge?”

“Haven’t a clue.”

“I’ll see what I can find out,” offered Brady.

Summer wants to help with Maggie’s recovery. Can we trust Summer? How soon until she is gone?

Nicole and Victor negotiated a price for her role in the Deimos scheme. Apparently Nicole enlisted Dario and will be included in the payoff. Will this lead to a Dario-Nicole pairing?

Brady is upset that Victor involved Nicole in his plans. Justin says he has a better plan to get Deimos. Will Victor hear it, or will he stick with his and Nicole’s? Deimos dreamed that Helena called Kate a whore.

“The one thing my brother and I agree on,” Victor chuckled.

Does Deimos trust Nicole? Will he ever, and what will happen if he doesn’t?

Hope wants Rafe to stay away from Bo’s bed, and they searched for hotels?

Didn’t Aiden use Bo’s bed and why didn’t she change it when she was with Aiden? There was PLENTY of Time.

Shawn again rejected Lani’s advances. They worked a case together.

“Forensics does stakes out now?” mumbled Victor with a giggle.

What is the deal with Shawn? Why is he afraid of women who know what they want and go after it?

“Belle asked Philip to marry her.” Victor and Brady were stunned

“He didn’t say yes…will he?”

“Unbelievable,” went Victor.

Hope gave Ciara a lecture about life, not being lured into doing stupid things, and seeing Marlena for the Chase rape.

Is Hope really going to try being a mom? Will Ciara see Marlena for real now?”

Ciara and Chad talked babysitting. Ciara wanted to quit school. Chad made her a deal for her not to drop out.

Can Chad afford the babysitting? Going by last few weeks, it doesn’t seem so.

Justin came back into the room. “He’ll be released tomorrow. I’ll have him flown home.”

“Thank you, Justin,” went Nicole.


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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