Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 04/24/15 Chad to Go Ahead With Plans For Sonix

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Nicole was looking at her watch. She was running late with the Weekly Recaps and didn’t like to keep Rob, her senior editor, waiting He’d understand and all, but still.

“Nicole,” came from the shadows. Nicole turned around.

Nicole:  “Great. What have you got for me?” Nicole was handed an envelope. She opened it

“Thank you.”

“Take it easy, Nicole.” the man disappeared. Nicole took a moment to read it when her phone rang.

Nicole: “Rob, I know I’m late. I’m on my way.”

Robert:  “Relax, Nicole. Don’t go to the office. I’m not there. I’ll send a car. ”

Nicole waited for her ride that took her to CLUB TBD. She was then brought to a private room.

Nicole: “Why are we here?” she asked, putting her things on the seat next to her while sitting down.

Robert: “We’re celebrating. Here—have a soda.”

Nicole: “What are we celebrating?”

Robert: Two things: one, I’ve been promoted from senior editor of the news to Editor-in-Chief of the entire paper, and I choose to believe that its because of your hard work”

Nicole: Aare you sure its not because of the DiMera’s purchasing 45% of the paper and that your Stefano’s buddy?”

“There’s that too. Speaking of recaps, GO!”

 Nicole: Stefano told Chad to go ahead with their plans for Sonix Magazine. How will this all effect Will, his job, and his marriage to Sonny?”

Robert: “Good, good. What else?”

Nicole:Lucas and Adriane are unofficially a real couple. Adriane told Justin what was going on? What does the future look like for Ladrianne?

Robert:Ladrianne?” “I guess I wouldn’t worry about Lucas’ being unemployed. Its Salem, after all.”

Nicole: Turns out that Ben did some work for some gamblers in Florida. Everything was settled, but Aiden warned Ben not to lie to him again? Do you think we will find out more about Ben and his past? And is there a pre-Salem connection between Aiden and Ben that we we’re not aware of yet?

Robert: “That’s good. Aiden could have been working for Clyde employees, and neither of them may have realized it. Continue?”

The waiter comes over, and they order . Nicole just realizes that they were sitting on a table for three.

Nicole: “Are you expecting someone else?”

Robert: “Yes. Not to worry—it’s not a DiMera goon. Promise.”

Nicole: “Who is it?

Robert: My girlfriend that by the end of dinner will be my fiancée, and the second reason we’re all celebrating?”

“Not to worry. She knows about you, our going way back. It’s cool”


Nicole shook it off, and continued with the recaps.

Nicole: Lucas overheard Victor offer Kate his Job at Mad World and was really upset when Kate took it? What do you think will come from this?

Robert: I think the question should be: do you think Lucas will snap and murder his mother?

Nicole: Do you seriously want me to write that?

Robert: No, better not.

Nicole: John went running after Paul. Victor is telling Sonny that Will is no good, Will is still being Sami. What do you think will happen? Should John succeed in getting Paul back to Salem?”

Robert: Poor John. Not every day that you find out you’re a father to a 30-something, man a rich successful one at that.”

Nicole: Victor being Victor got Brady to Kristen’s. Melanie stowed away on the plane. Kristen was taken by surprise but was able to control the situation. Brady saw a baby. Kristen told him that she and Daniel lied to him and it was theirs. Brady doesn’t believe her games back and forth, until Brady demanded a DNA test!

Robert: Typical Brady! Travel to another country, break into someone’s house, and make all sorts of demands.”

Nicole: It’s Italy and they’re Americans. Kristen can have the intruders shot and no questions would be asked. Kristen pulled out a gun. Do you think she would actually shoot Brady?”

Robert: No she won’t. Nor will she Melanie. It’s an empty threat, Theresa though…continue.

Nicole: That’s it for now?

Robert: WHAT?! Ending like that, that’s exciting. Can’t wait until Monday.

Nicole: Oh look. Here she is. Precious! Rob got up and went to greet her.

Fiancee: Robert!

They hugged.” Nicole thought Precious’ voice was familiar. She stood up.

“Nicole this is my…This is Jan Spears, Jan Spears this is Nicole Walker,”


Jan gave her a big hug.

“Hey, Jan.” Rob saw a weird yet familiar look on Nicole’s face.


Time to turn the hourglass…


 stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


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