Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04/14/17: hypocrisy first  

Marlena’s office

Marlena it took some time, but i finally figured out how to deal with my Blanca jealous of Nicole and me always needing to be near Nicole problem

And how did you do that Robert


No Robert that is not a good idea

This Week in Salem

Hypocrite Rafe Arrested Edgardo ,Doesn’t this upset you, “he’s covered for Sami, Nicole, Kate, Hope and countless others but somehow decided Not to helped semi reformed Dear old dad

Why take Edgardo away? Right now Edgardo is in the perfect position for the Salem pd and FBI to take down Deimos, Victor, Dario. Chad and anyone else they want to nail for any of the last years events ?

But he’s just going to go away instead ????

Will you Miss Edgardo Hernandez?

While Deimos was celebrating his victory, Victor reminded him that Rafe and Dario are fair game but Hope is off limits because she’s with Rafe and Gabi is off limits because she is the mother of Sonny’s child

deimos agreed. Is it odd that Victor said hope was off limits because of Rafe and NOT because of being the mother of HIS grandchild and great grandchild ? ?

Trip’s watching the Ava Dvds is growing his Anger Steve is livid about Tripp only seeing one side of Ava and not the real one sought out Tripps Uncle Angelo, Angelo refused to stop feeding info to Tripp because he doesn’t believe that the ISA ordered Steve to Kill Ava and he went as far as to hook up Tripp with a trust fund.

Jade is trying to make peace with Joey and Tripp

Will Joey cause jade to turn on him? Could Jade and Tripp fall for each other? which couple is better

Tripp and Jade obviously Joey doesn’t love Ava anymore so why should he care?

Hillary is looking for a friend in Nicole because scooter is ……

Scooter wants to have sex with Misty Circle

This is why i need to be in Canada like right now Marlena

You go to Canada and you will lose Blanca Robert, i guarantee it what would you do there anyway

Cut Scooters Balls off

Moving on

Despite what happened to Edgardo sonny remains unafraid of Deimos

Ah the stupidity of youth

Will Paul be able to stop Sonny before he does something stupid?

Chad Finally Saw that Dario was in love with Abigail he confronted Abigail about it she knew that Dario was and before Chad could protest she through Gabby in his Face


Ciara introduced Julie to Wyatt who immediately invited them both to diner Wyatt thanked someone via text for their expert dating advice on Ciara

Is there the more to that or is harmless

Speaking of Harmless Theo and Claire had their first

How long will this last will Theo find that letter and change his feeling and what happens to poor Wyatt if he does

Wyatt and Claire perhaps?

Marlene are you ready to be a Great Great Grandmother again

Marlena paused and said “let’s not jump to any conclusions” Robert chuckled

Can Wyatt survive the judgmental condescension of the Horton higher Echelon?

Still thinking that Nick was a perfect innocent Angel Julie warned Eli to stay away from Gabi in which of course he did the opposite

Why doesn’t Julie give FBI Eli some credit ? isn’t she late for a cruise ?

Dario continued on with GDR and called out Rafe for the Hypocrite he is

How long will this “NEW Rafe” last

Despite all her whining and bellyaching about desk duty last week Hope was back on the street in less than two Salem days which made everything pointless

Can July fix the mess that is hope and Rafe


Kate opened up all of Edgardo’s gifts and finally realized that she missed out on being with  a great man

Hey remember when you and Roman came home and saw that John and Kate were engaged that was a fun time

I’m not sure FUN in the word id use for that, but yes i remember

Who is next for Kate now that Edgardo is gone?

Claire and Theo had their First.

Kate used her stalling for Edgardo as an example for Gabi to go after Chad

I’m sure people loved to hear that LOL

Abigail looked at Chad’s HS yearbook and determined that Chad chose to save Gabi first

yeah about that Marlena i need to ask you something

Go ahead

Someone is playing mind control games on the dimera group and i know it’s not ANDRE

Mind control games ?

Pictures of Gabby and chad in HS? No pictures or mentioning of Mia Mcormick .

I know what you’re feeling Robert do what i do when you feel the anger overtaking you just take a deep breath and say JULY it Stops

…..JULY IT STOPS..hey that does feel better thanks Marlena

at the not a second wedding but Vow renewal ceremony Abigail Dropped the I’m not going through with it go be with Gabby Bomb

LOL that was Funny

Doesn’t it seem pointless though if they are still declaring themselves as married

No they will work through it all

I’m sure they will

Nicole not wanting to deal with scooter anymore decided to meet him at a hotel

Looks like I’m going to Canada to help hide\ a bod…never mind my place is here with Blanca

Good for you

Thanks Marlena this was good

Always happy to help you Robert

Hold on marlena i have a surprise for you”  Robert takes out his phone “patch him through” Robert gives the phone to Marlena


JOHN IS THAT YOU?  Robert smiled

Johns return is getting closer are you excited for it???

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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