Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04/08/16: Burn, Ben, Burn

12966129_10205633775874059_598915433_nAfter checking out Deimos on the web, Nicole hurried to Rob’s office. She was still feeling freaked out when she got there. When she got out of the elevator, what she saw didn’t help matters.

Rob had the place painted again.

“NICOLE!” called out her coworker who helped her with the file last week. “What’s with the new look?”

“Well, Monday Rob came into work all happy. He decided the place didn’t look happy enough, so he had the office painted in what he called, ‘happy colors.’ Then he wanted everyone else to be happy, and he gave us all bonuses just to see smiles on our faces.”

“Did he say why he was so happy?”

“No, but some people are assuming that you and he…I mean why else would he be so happy?”

“Of course they are?”

“Well, did you?”

“I’m sorry. I cant right now. I have to…” Nicole went to her desk and got out a pill to calm herself down.

“Nicole!” Rob saw and came over, “Are you…you’re shaking. Sit down. What’s wrong?”

“I had a run in with Deimos. And then this.” Nicole showed Rob the picture of Helena Tasso.

“I remember when you had that look…Wait…” Rob paused when he saw the name ‘Helena Tasso.’ “This is the woman he and Deimos are at odds about!”

“Yes, and its creeping me the hell out.” Nicole downed the pill.

Rob grabbed and put his coat around Nicole.



This week in Salem…

Maggie is worried she may be crippled.

Deimos celebrated his victory over Victor by sleeping with Kate upstairs while Victor was having another heart attack downstairs. Did Deimos know about the attack? Does that add yet another level of creepiness to him? And why isn’t Kate concerned that the father of her son is having medical issues?

Nicole returned to the mansion for her tablet, saw Victor, and called 911, saving his life.

“You’re a hero.” Rob kissed her forehead “You may be running a fever.” Rob went to his medicine cabinet.

“Deimos came downstairs, saw me, and got all weird. Kate was surprised at Deimos’ lack of empathy for his brother.”

“Are you surprised by Kate and her reactions to all this?”

“No, of course not. The woman doesn’t know what empathy is.”

Caroline came over and called Deimos “the devil,” and said that she would see him out of Salem.

Did she just make herself another target for Deimos‘ revenge plans?


“Theresa declared Maggie her new role model.” Can you see them bonding further?

“Deimos started researching me on the internet.”

“Did he use Google?”

“No, a search engine called EWE.”

“Then he wont find out anything that’s not public record.”

Ciara agreed to see Marlena.

Chase was arrested for breaking and entering at Jennifer’s house. He claimed he was trying to get his clothes. Is this the last we see of him?


The ISA showed up and cleared Steve of Ava’s murder, claiming he was on a terminate mission for them.

Everything seemed like things would get back to normal, until Kayla told Steve it was over for good. She’s tired of him being James Bond. Is Kayla overreacting?

Brady got Phillip up to speed on the Deimos-Kate-Victor hospital situation. Phillip swore to renew their father-son relationship. Will they be able to fix their issues?

“I went to see how Victor was doing. He thanked me and warned me about how dangerous Deimos really is. I also showed him a video Maggie made for him to boost his spirits. I visited Maggie and gave her a picture of Daniel in the hopes it would help her heal.”

“You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” Rob kissed her forehead. “Still warm.”

Jade told Joey she envied his relationship with his dad. Joey shared his guilt over Ava with her.

She reassured and kissed him. Is something off with Jade or is she just a girl that likes Joey?

“For Joey’s sake, I hope its the latter.”

“Steve went out for a drink and ran into a person he helped years ago. After talking to himself and her, he told her he couldn’t help her go to the police.”

“Go to the police. SMH. I know she’s not Steve’s problem anymore.”

“Roman told Kayla to reconsider dumping Steve, or she may end up alone like him.”

“Maybe Roman can help that woman, and then start a relationship with her just like he did with Marlena when the Salem Strangler was after her.”

“Before my time. Ciara was asked to babysit Thomas. Theo came over to help her.”

Maggie shared her adoption story with Summer.” Are Summers feelings for Maggie legit? Is the con still going? When will this end?

“Alone in the mansion, Ben got by the guards and was face to face with Abigial.”

“Oh no.”

“She told him she still loved him and took her to the bedroom. She stabbed him with Scissors and tied him to the bed.”


“Chad called. She stalled him, and proceeded to taunt Ben.”

“Did he go ablaze?”

“Not sure. Chad arrived home but couldn’t get in. His keys were missing.”

“How could his house keys be missing if he just drove his car?”

“Some people don’t have them on the same keychain.”

“I know, but it sounds too…”

“Anyway, wont know Ben’s fate until Monday.”

“Hope Chad doesn’t stop her.”

“Me too.”

“Well, that’s about it.”

“Intense few days.”


“Feeling better?”

“A little. Did you tell..?

Rob cut her off. “No, and I never will…Hold on a second.” Rob turned on the intercom. “MARCO!”

“What are you doing now?”

Marco entered. “Yes, boss?”

Rob pulled out a picture from his desk. “This is Deimos Kiriakis. Have him killed immediately.”

“Sure, boss.” Marco reached for the picture.

“NO!” Nicole ripped the picture from Marco’s hand.

“I don’t want him to hurt you.”

“And I don’t want you turning into Stefano. Beat it, Marco.” Rob nodded, and Marco left.

“Sorry, Nicole, but if something…”

“I know. Come on. Let’s go eat somewhere quiet and private.”

“Anything you want.”


Time to turn the hour glass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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