Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04/07/17: to Bobbit or not to Bobbit that is the question

Marlena’s office

Robert is trying to space out Marlena and Blanca who have naturally ganged up on him

“Blanca i promise you that if i was talking to Nicole on the phone i would tell you i was ”

Then who are you talking to

I can’t tell you that

“You’re not helping yourself by not answering Robert” went Marlena Blanca due to slight anger went off on a Spanish language tirade

“I am not a baboon” Robert shot back when she was finished “Blanca shocked that he has been learning her language just looked at him

This week in Salem

With the karakas, Dimera, Hernandez case now federal Eli took over the case JJ and Lani agreed to work with him

Will Eli steal Lani away from JJ?

Kate went on about Gabi, good Abigail bad and Paul with sonny desecrating Wills memory by being with Paul

Do you think Kate has a point at least on the Sonny issue?

Tripp is trying to fit in with the Soras Bunch His Uncle Angelo arrived and gave him many things that could help him get to know his mom and he told Tripp he didn’t believe Steve as “ORDERED” to kill his mother

Is the Marconi family returning to Salem to pick up the pieces left by this three way war?

Canadian neighbor Scooter knows that Hillary is Misty circle/Nicole Walker and naturally is blackmailing her for sex

Yeah who didn’t see that coming SMH

Ciara met a boy named Wyatt he seems nice

Theo’s not ready to make love with Claire

Is it because he’s still pinning for Ciara

It has to be

Gabi and Eli’s second date involved Pokémon Go

What do you think of them so far?

JJ told Abigail to trust in Chad’s love

You mean like in the Way Page trusted in his?


What somebody had to say it ?

Abigail Nagged Chad about not legitimizing the family business fast enough, she yelled at Kate for not being kept in the loop and when Kate talked up gabby to Chad Abigail yelled at her some more

Are you happy to see this side of Abigail

Notice how she didn’t yell at Andre.. He’s the only one not messing things up. Sad isn’t it

Is it hard for you to remember that ANDRE is part of the Cast?

Dario stupidly wanted to go back to being friends with Abigail she agreed to try

Poor Deluded Bastard why is Dario putting himself through?

Who else can you see Dario with ? Lani maybe?

Sonny upset that he sees john blacks former company as a demotion is still very determined to out deimos from titan.

He offered his services to Rafe and Hope who are listening to Damos on an ILLEGAL wire tap

Will Deimos risk Deimos’s wrath and do something permanent to Sonny?

Kate made some fun of deimos’s beat up face deimos shot back that he could still send her to prison for smacking him into the river

Kate replied that she wasn’t scared that she had allies she could count on

Back in Canada Brady told Nicole they are stuck there until their new ID’s are ready

Do you want to see Nicole “BOBBIT” Scooter


Hope and Rafe waiting for Deimos to show up on the pier to arrest Deimos for something were shocked to see Edgardo there .

There are so many things Wrong with all this..JULY PLEASE HURRY

Deimos was seen holding the bug Hope planted

HA you know i hope others finally start to see that Hope and Rafe are bad news nothing about this or them is Right

How can July fix Rope?

They can’t its too late

Rob’s phone rang “OPPS SORRY FORGOT TO TURN IT OFF” Marlena recognized the music right away which Rob saw

“Here Marlena say HI, and then please tell Blanca it’s not Nicole

“Will the writers ever get back to the “whose feeding the pigeons photo thing ?
Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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