Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-27-18: I know what you did you cheating Bitch

In the Dimera Holding Cell

Marlena.Kate Vivian? Are you all still Alive

“Yes we are Bob ” Marlena runs into the dug out washroom

Good Good Here, i brought you pizza..And toilet paper “bob slipped a few slices into Marlena one at a time

“Kate, Vivian !!” Marlena called to them they came over

Kate took hers and took a bit “FOOD FINALLY it seems like days since we’ve been fed”

“Enough of this Bob Robert Demarco” whoever your calling yourself i demand you let us out of here!”

“Sorry Vivian i can’t do that”

“Mmm this is good “went Kate “are they any closer to finding us ?”

“I’m afraid not and…Well .there’s a problem”

“What is it what’s happened?” asked Marlena

“The only person who knows your down here(besides me)…is in a coma”


This Week in Salem 

Gabi was Jumped by four women and beaten very badly the leader of the group claimed to be the Girlfriend of former Commissioner Raines

“Oh dear is she going to be alright “went Kate

:”eventually it was brutal from what i heard”

“Were you thrown by the raines twist and as this is Abigail’s fault what will Gabi do when she gets out?”

“it’s not Abigail’s fault bob she’s not well”

“Abigail’s insane in the membrane Marlena but i do understand it not being her fault you three were discussing Abigail killing Andre and Kate and Marlena fear she is beyond help

“Do you think Abigail is beyond help?”

“of course i do”


“Marlena this is Abigail’s third time around the cookoo’s nest and she’s killed it’s time to put her in a rubber room before she snaps and goes on a spree”

“Chad turned into the hulk and beat Stefan into a bloody mess” this beating and the Gabi beating had some viewers complain about too much violence”

“Were those scenes too violent for you?”

Nah im sure the chabi fans were too busy cheering Gabigail called the police and they detained him

“Claire admitted to Julie that she had Wyatt fix the contest it came complete with flashback as to the how’s”

“Are you glad they kept Theo out of it ?”


Will and Sonny discussed his new story i think it will include tracking down Dr Rolf and it’s about the Phoenix resurrection drug

Poor Will it only works on Dimera’s

Are you looking forward to seeing Dr Rolf and whoever else again

I’m hoping we see Kristen

“Ciara and Tripp found Wyatt’s phone and after reading some texts Discovered what Claire did Tripp again tried to get Ciara to let it go to let the baby have her bottle as it were and move on

“NOPE Ciara blasted Claire with a text that read “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID YOU CHEATING BITCH”


Later Tripp tried to get Ciara to be rational he said he was afraid he would lose her

Before Claire could even think about what to do her and Wyatt were verbally attacked by Ciara and they promised never to do that again

No punches were thrown

A smack would have sufficed oh well maybe next time

Ciara kissed Tripp again

Are the son of Steve and daughter of Bo are on the move now? How about Wyatt and Claire ?

“i don’t think Wyatt will be around long enough to find out ?

Gabigail ran into Steve who could tell something was very wrong despite not being able to see”

“What will Steve do to help advance the Gabigail story”

Chad told Hope that Stefan Brainwashed Abigail which was all a Big Fat Lie and that He raped her which is the truth”

“Was the line crossed with this where does the story go from here knowing that the characters aren’t going anywhere”

“Let’s hope it FINALLY gets Chad and Abigail out that house at the very least”

“Where are Chad and Thomas going to live while Abigail is serving her murder sentence in Shady Hills ?”

“it’s not going to get that far Bob”

“Of course not it’s the old  Salem double standard ”

Rafe was told about what happened to Gabi

Gabigail went to visit Stefan

Aw that’s kind of sweet

Stefan told Gabigail to run before they find out she killed Andre

“Both of them have screw loose. Did they go too far too soon with the character of Stefan””

I think so, hard to back him at this point in time”

“Victor called Shane to discuss Theresa”

” Theresa is confirmed to be  coming back to Salem  how will they explain her return and eventual re exit will she take Tate next time ”

“Way too soon to speculate on that”

Lani is facing a high risk pregnancy

“Wow that’s never happened in Salem before”

“Eli said he will be there for her the entire way Julie also offered her total devotion and support to help them both

“could they be a real family now ?”

Miguel desperate to get Chloe to leave with him resorted to some good old fashioned Drink poisoning  of which Brady drank instead he left then ended up collapsing in the square

“oh no” went Marlena ”

After a dance Lucas left, found Brady and got him to the hospital.Wwith his plan sort of worked Miguel pulled out a gun and told them they were going or else she left him a note.

“Who wrote the note Miguel or Chloe meaning he told her what to write ?

“How far will they get before they are stopped”

I swear Marlena Every single Salem citizen needs to have anti-kidnapping chips implanted inside them:..i got them for Blanca and Stefano”

“i don’t think they will get out of the city but we’ll soon see”

Chad told Jennifer what happened to with Abigail and Stefan what’s going to happen to Chad when he gets the entire story

“Knowing Chad I’m sure he will determine that he can do to fix Abigails mental state with Diner and romance. SMH  maybe he can rent a room in shady hills to be with her.

“Will Jennifer insist Chad Thomas and Abigail move in with her ?

“Least she could do right?”

After leaving Stefan’s room Gabigail ran into Steve who also thinks Stefan Brainwashed her. She gave him the slip but ran into Hope at the elevator”

And the credits rolled

“How will Hope Help Cover up Abigail’s Murdering Andre

“That’s a few weeks away but I’m sure will find out”

“That’s about it, it was a very exciting last few days”

“oh for Pete’s sake Why won’t you get us out of here” went Vivian

“I am doing all i am allowed to do”

“I understand” went Marlena

I do to” went Kate

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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