Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-26-19:whats to Hate about Hate sex

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Bob is about to leave his office for his Marlena appointment when three masked people enter the room subdue him put a bag over his head and handcuff his hands behind his back to the radiator 

Bart !!! Marco  Blanca !!!  GET THIS HOOD OFF ME 

How’d he know it was us” went Bart taking the hood off 

Thanks Guys I’ll take it from here” went Blanca 

Sorry miss Blanca but we need to stay for this “smirked Bart Marco started laughing 

Blanca unsnuff me right now 

And let you go running off to Nicole not a chance 

ARGHHH TRAITORS went Bob looking at Bart and Marco who continued to chuckle  

This week in Salem 

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Rafe is worried about leaving Hope alone with Ted?

Doesn’t Rafe trust hope enough? 

Why should he trust hope he knows Sami can’t trust him? 

They were on a break 

Uh huh 

Kate demanded to know why Ted was so interested in Chloe Lane and when he gave his answer she knew he was lying 

Kate’s just jealous Ted took the money instead of her “Bob struggled to get free 

Gabi and Stefan’s can’t seem to stay away from each other their “hate sex seems unstoppable”

Which one of them will developed real feelings first 

Hopefully Gabi 

Maggie is angry at Victor for letting Kate back into the company and their lives 

Victor insists its nothing 

Is victor up to something? Does Maggie have a right to be angry? 

Maybe a little it’s still early 

Ciara distracted Hector Ben got the drop on him and Hope and Eli arrested him 

Is that it will we see the cartel again? 

I think we will because Ted gave them updates right after 

How far deep is Ted involved with the cartel?

Stefan took a phone call with Chloe with Gabi in bed next to him upon hearing something Chloe asked about it Stefan referred to Gabi as the maid which made Gabi angry enough to .take matters into her own hands as it were Stefan was. Shocked

Thanks for the visual ..Moving on 

Sheila and Abe discussed the mayoral polls Shelia had a good one Abe had a bad one 

Which poll did you believe ?

After another round of “hate sex” they were almost busted by Chloe when Chloe was confronting Stefan on said matter Gabi snuck out 

How soon and how will Chloe catch them ?

Will is Cancer free but still has a tumor 

Sigh first the good then the bad 

Why did they drop the curse angle just like that?

Beats me you would think that after the amulet business the entire town would believe in curses 

Sarah because she’s only 16 years old maybe went to see Marlena about Eric Marlena decided the heck with her former priests sons promise to God and threw him under the bus 

A shadowy figure is wandering about the Dimera mansion halls waiting and looking for the right moment to snatch holly and take off 

ANOTHER KIDNAPPING SMDH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH @#$@#$ WRITERS I SWEAR IF THE KILL OFF HOLLY THAT WILL BE THE FINAL STRAW  Bob yelled while trying to yank himself free  from the handcuffs 

Are we calm now..Went Blanca


Ciara and hope discussed her and rate’s issues Ted tried to make peace with hope by buying her a necklace 

SMH stupid idea i just don’t get Ted at all this is above and beyond the cartels having him monitor police activity 

What is Teds deal ? 

Maggie and Kate argued about Rex and his cheating ways Rex overheard owned up to it and said it wouldn’t happen again 

Do you believe Rex? Is Maggie right to be ..Untrustworthy 

No and yes 

Nicole back from the dead ran into Rex and fainted after recovering Rex decided that the using the phone to inform everyone was not a good idea 

Darn straight it’s not 

Marlena decided that it was okay to betray God for Eric and told Sarah about his so called feelings 

SMH  ill talk to her later about this  

Was Marlena in the right 


Ben and Ciara made love 


The song they played was horrendous 

It usually is in those situations 

Ben said he loved her and that he wasn’t crazy anymore 

He’s not cured he’s medicated SMH 

She said she loved him back 

How soon until Hope is a great Grandma 


Ted apologized to hope for the rift he caused between her and Rafe 

Apologize. He should get a damn medal 

How is what he’s doing any different than when Hope was with Aiden yet Rafe wouldn’t go away ??? Minus the stupid gifts SMH TED 

Chloe went upstairs to check on Holly and upon hearing a scream  Stefan ran up after her 

What did Chloe see ? 

See what happens when you give security the night off 

Sarah decided to take full advantage of Marlena’s betrayal and do whatever she could to get Eric to break his promise to God by telling him she has real feelings 

When is Sarah going to go away?

Soon because right after that Eric and Sarah saw Nicole as she walked out 

Eric just stood there Sarah looked devastated like her world just ended 

That’s because i bet they will say she knew where Nicole was this whole time 

That’s yet to be seen 

Could Sarah have known about all this? 

Because of the time she slept with Zander i say yes 

Speaking of zander is he the one trying to get Holly out of Dimera mansion 


That’s about it 

Marlena and john walked in 

Bob you missed your appointment your secretary said you were still here but i can see your “tied up” what’s going on 

“Nothing” Bob jumped up free of the handcuffs and handed them to Bart 

“Shall we”  Maro and Bart just stared wondering how Bob got himself free as he left the room Blanca followed him 

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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