Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-20-18: And Then There Were 3

Kate and Vivian were screaming at each other Marlena couldn’t take it anymore WILL YOU TWO STOP IT FOR FIVE MINUTES” she yelled

When they became quiet “i can hear you guys from Hong Kong” Bob smirked from beneath the floor

“Marlena are you okay?  Sorry i couldn’t get John down here”

“it’s peachy here Bob” Marlena smirked while looking at Vivian and Kate

“Bob is that you ?” went Kate

“Hello Kate, hello Vivian”

“.Vivian do you remember the time Rudolfo you and his friend Demarco were in Paris and  …”

“No time for flashbacks Bob what’s going on “demanded Marlena

“well the bad news is i can’t get you out of here But the good news is behind that wall over there is a toilet ,mirror, and sink i supplied it as best i could ,you just have to bend down to push the wall  and be careful not  hit your head

“Thank you Bob that’s very helpful” went Marlena as Kate tried to move the wall .she opened it “it’s true” Kate went inside

This Week in Salem

Chad is desperate to find that woman on the security footage

Are you upset that Chad doesn’t pay Abigail this much attention

It’s complicated

Gabigail lies about Marlena’s whereabouts

007 is slipping snarled Vivian

HUSH snapped Marlena

Andre appeared inside Abigail’s mind and said he would help her

Help Abigail or one of the other crazies” went Vivian

YOU’RE NOT HELPING yelled Marlena

Will wants to do a story about his coming back to life which will soon involve Roger/Elvis and Clyde Weston

Are you excited to see either one of them?

Forget them Give Me Kristen!!!

Chloe asked Kate if she was behind Miguel’s offer she denied it

I wish i was id do anything for that cow to leave town

GO WASH YOUR FACE screamed Marlena

Once again Chloe turned down the offer Miguel seeing Lucas was the problem made plans to remove him from the equation so Chloe would go within

I don’t think that would help but

LUCAS?? Went Kate.. LET ME OUT OF HERE!!” Kate banged on the door

Stop it “went Vivian

Didn’t Brady have a concert hall built for Chloe whatever happened to that?

Claire won the contest by One Vote Ciara got mad at trip thinking his vote cost her the contest

Tripp did his best to keep the peace, Wyatt resurfaced remember Wyatt The perfect mate for Ciara sent in by Theo

Yes we remember

Anyway Claire had Wyatt fixed the contest for her

What will happen to Claire’s career when she gets busted

Laughing stock i hope

Eli went to see Gabi in prison she didn’t want to see him and came to tears when she saw a pic that Ari Drew for her

How much longer will Gabi be in prison?

Lani gave JJ his  engagement ring JJ

Can Eli and Lani move forward now with their baby?

Chad told Rafe everything Stefan told him during their Chess game confession Rafe said he would look for corroboration

Chad looked for Abigail while Gabigail hid in the closet

Vivian overheard Gabigail and Stefan talk about going away together and stepped in and told Gabigail she would not take her son from him

Vivian you and Kate are SO much Alike LOL

Stefan Put Vivian in the room with Marlena

LOL that was hysterical

You saw? asked Vivian

I see everything “went Bob

Why can’t you get us out of here? Demanded Kate

I tried Kate  its beyond my capabilities and I’m not sure its what Stefano would want

when i get out of here Robert You’ll answer to me

BOB , looking forward to catching up with you also  Vivian  you know i still have the remote that controlled your tooth



Kate called chad and told his voicemail that the mystery woman was in the house Gabigail heard the phone call and here we all are!!!!

Thanks for the bathroom Bob it was very thoughtful

I do what i can Marlena

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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