Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-12-19: Impersonating a fireman

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Bob, Bart, Marco, and several goons  are underneath Salem 

Brings back memories doesn’t it Bart”

I thought all the tunnels were sealed”

I had them unsealed

Why are we down here?” asked Marco 

two reasons,  one  to ensure that if and when the Cartel attacks Dimera mansion they can’t get inside it this way and get their hands on that “”bob pointed to a weapons cache 

When the cartel attacks it will be with nothing more than hopefully a few pistols can’t let them get their hands on any weapon  caches lying around 

“Rocket launchers, AK 47’s, shotguns  …CIA???? Oh that’s right  Big boss man  once moved weapons for them 
good old days  ” Bob paused and sighed “come on there’s sure to be some more 

This week in Salem 

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Rafe told Jordan he found Davd,Jordan refused to reveal who the father was and said no to Ben raising him 

Any ideas on who the father is??

Speculation is it could beTted  is it possible ?

Hope pulled away from Ted and apologized for misleading him she wants to work on her marriage Z

Good for her 

Lani could be getting a “little too attached” to Jordan’s David 

Ya you Think ??  SMH i feel bad for Lani it’s like Fate twisting the knife on an open wound 

Any chance that David and David are 


The tape to expose the sham Haley and Tripp marriage  didn’t work Eve used the occasion to announce her and jacks engagement 

Sigh not going to. Those blue hats rallies clearly one sided ..shame just ..people go to Salem to escape this 

How much longer for all this 

Well elections are in November so 



Jennifer and jj scolded jack again 

Getting old 

Claire freaked out some more because Haley and JJ’s sham was too convincing 

What is Claire going to do next? 

Rex tried to get Sarah to marry him on the spot/spur of the moment thing 

NOPE she didn’t go for it 

Do you wish Sarah said yes? 

Eric pretended to be Russian to lure Eve away from jack it worked 

Russian meeting SMH  SIGH STAY OUT OF SALEM SMH writers 

Jack was trapped in a room or closet or something and smoke filled the room 

Jennifer tried to recreate one of their classic moments to help jog his memory  

aww that’s kind of sweet 

Did she pick him up and carry him away 


Then it doesn’t count..Anyway something fell from a top shelf and knocked him out 

LOL did it jog his memory?

Not sure i think he had flashes and progress was made 

When will Jack get his memory back? 

I’m thinking may sweeps 

Will has a mass on his frontal lobe more tests are required 

Last week was fun Victor got so mad? 

LOL it was 

Haley let JJ off the hook for his betrayal 


Calm down 

Why should i if Nicole ever did that to someone they would hold her in contempt for Months on end 

how’s she doing anyway 


An enraged Claire admitted to Eve she set the cabin fire Eve said they would try to frame Ben 

Sigh sure why not 

Who are you sicker of Eve or Claire? 

Got to go with Claire 

Speaking of Ben Lani won’t let him see his Nephew 

Aww is the poor serial killer upset that A woman doesn’t want a murderer around a baby give him an aww 

But their family 

Would you like a list of serial killers that have murdered their own family moving on? 

Would you let Ben near the baby?

Rafe told Hope he wants to help raise David 

Hope said NO 

Good for Hope I’m with her on this one  

Really yes 

Hope let Chelsea into her home she killed Zack 

Hope let Chase into her house and he raped Ciara 

Hope should stop letting other peoples kids into her house can only imaging the terrors a sorased David would bring 

Anyway after some arguing and a Ted mentioning Rafe walked out 


Is it possible Hope  and Rafe are done 

Crossing fingers and toes 

Ciara may be onto Claire after questioning on how the lighter got into the Soras house 


LOL that would be funny but i don’t think it will get that far 

Will this be Claire’s exit story 

Ice made a surprise on Tripp and Haley just as Justin was marrying them 

Does this mean that Justin can also go to jail? 

I hope so 


Yes one it would be funny and two it would Victor an excuse to step in throw his money around and end all this 

How will this end ?

Shockingly because Claire ran into the room and yelled for it to stop at the same time jack turned to eve and said he couldn’t marry her 

Will both marriages be stopped ? Only one? And if only one Which one?

Tough call 

That’s about it 

Great the Cartels not going to get in this way let’s get out of here 

Stefan is going to owe you for this 

Stefan the police and several others..

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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